Textile Tuesdays – The Kesh Saree

Published On : January 27 2021 | Author : Shri.Vyshnavi Annush

Textile Tuesdays! In a way this is my first post here about textiles. This here is a beautiful Kesh saree that I picked up from @suta_bombay a fabulous brand for mul sarees. Now mul and I have a special relationship. I have nostalgic memories of playing dress up with my mother’s mul sarees.

When I picked up this saree, the website mentioned that it was Mul Kesh. So I was curious to know what it was and that’s when I started reading up on Kesh weaving.


Textile Tuesdays – The Kesh Saree
Photo: Vyshnavi Annush

The khesh weaving process is simple. The warp is with new yarn and the weft is with strips of thin cloth obtained by tearing old sarees length wise. All the sarees must be cotton so that they tear easily. These kesh sarees are woven in Bhirbum village in West Bengal. Woven Yardage is also available. What a wonderful way of upcycling. A zero wastage weaving tradition much like the kantha embroidery.

My mul kesh saree is perfect for zoom calls and to step out for works well. I wanted a minimal look and so I chose accessories that were simple and yet stylish. My rope and brass necklace is the perfect addition to my kesh saree. And my bold blue glass bangle is for that breath of brightness.

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