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Festive Chic!

Dussehra is just around the corner and you can already sense the festive spirit in the air. Trending big for the winter festive season is Ethnic Indian jewellery. Every woman wants to wear different pieces of jewellery on different occasions and rightly so! Forget about your precious jewellery and have fun with costume jewellery in traditional Indian designs. The must have earring for the poojas is a pair of chandbalis. Heavy chandbalis with kundan or polki stones paired with an anarkali is instantly fashionable. For the day, accessorize your kurtas with a pair of simple and elegant chandbalis with intricate peacocks. Experiment with a fusion of your own with a Rajasthani  intricate silver cuff with kundan stones worn with a kancheevaram saree during the poojas. A sure fire way to make a style statement! Stay stylish during the poojas with these trendy accessories!

The buzz around The Minions got me thinking about fashion inspired by cartoons. Of course, pop culture has always been a major source of inspiration for designers both here as well as abroad. Believe it or not, the most popular cartoon characters spotted on the ramp have been Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons, the Disney princesses and, more recently, The Minions. The toons we grew up with are a huge fad in the world of fashion. After all dressing up should be fun and what can be more fun than good old Mickey Mouse?

In India, Masaba is one of the younger designers known for her cartoon-inspired prints. Her collaboration with Satya Paul resulted in fun and quirky crepe saris with Mickey Mouse prints, thereby making old-fashioned sari hip and trendy. In world fashion, big names like Moschino put Spongebob Sqaurepants on their Fall Winter 2014 coats. Suddenly Mr. Spongebob was a celebrity again. What a fun way to bring in winter!

Maleficent was another huge source of inspiration. The most noteworthy Maleficent collaboration was Stella McCartney’s line of children’s clothes and accessories. My favourites were the sneakers with wings. I wished I were old enough to wear them.

While on the subject of cartoon fashion, I cannot forget The Minions. Although a little annoying initially, they grow on you after a few days. For the movie premiere, Sandra Bullock wore a pair of Rupert Sanderson’s Minion pumps and the fashion world predictably went gaga . This pair of yellow shoes was trending on social media for a couple of weeks.

Charlotte Olympia is one of the more popular designers who is hugely influenced by pop culture. Her accessories are always quirky and charming. My favourites are the Sleeping Beauty pumps and the Pumpkin Pouch. Her creations are a reminder that fashion is fun and original.

If you are interested in shopping for cartoon-inspired fashion, try online sites like Opening Ceremony, Hot Topic and, of course, Charlotte Olympia. The traditional retail stores rarely stock these pieces. Have fun while playing dress up!

-ShriVyshnavi Annush for The Hindu MetroPlus, Coimbatore on 13th August, 2015


Jhumkas are perfect for the monsoon! There is a lot of history around this beautiful piece of jewellery. Jhumkas can be traced back to the era of the scriptures. If there ever was a piece of jewellery that can be called romantic and whimsical it most definitely is the jhumka.
There are myriad options to choose from. Pick from the different semi precious stoned jhumkas or the simpler two toned gold silver jhumkas. Wear a semi precious jhumkas in jade and crimson colors with an ethnic angharka. Another trendy way to style yourself is to wear a two toned jhumka with a simple solid colored burnt orange colored dress.  Sonam Kapoor the trendsetter seems to agree too! Have fun with beautiful traditional jhumkas during the monsoons!

How to stay cool with these summer fabrics!

India is a country that has a myriad of fabrics and weaves to offer from every nook and corner. The art of weaving has been mentioned in the oldest veda, the Rig veda. The oldest Indian fabric can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization. History shows us that Indian cotton and silk fabrics have been sought after by foreign countries. Indian summers are famous for their heat and humidity. What better to wear than the light weight cottons and linens of our nation? My favorite weaves are the Ikats, Madras Checks and the Chanderis. Of course linen is a fabric perfect for the sweltering heat of the season.
The ikats are from Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. The Sambalpuris from Orissa, the Pochampally from Andhra and the Patolas of Gujarat are the most popular Ikat varieties. Ikat has truly gone global and how! From the runways of Missoni to Anita Dongre the Ikat pattern has been widely used across the world. A few high street brands like JCrew and Aldo have also had collections inspired by the Ikat weave. Ikat has a certain exoticism in the West and now you can find the pattern on Jonathan Adler designer crockery and Steven Elmer wallpapers too.
The “Madras Checks” is named after our very own Madras city, now known as Chennai. It is a lightweight cotton fabric that has a woven plaid pattern. It comes in a variety of colors and is another trend that has taken the world by storm. Every summer the runways go berserk with Madras Checks and its no different this time. Be seen in a bold Madras Check saree to stay fashionable during this season! Paul Smith and Gant, popular men’s clothing brands have incorporated the Madras Checks in their summer collections. So now even the men have reason to stay trendy!
Chanderi is a village in Madhya Pradesh well known for its lightweight cotton and silk fabrics. The Chanderi dates back to the Vedic period. It is born out of a special art of weaving with fine textured cotton and silk yarn and embellished with zari borders. It has always been patronized by royalty. The Chanderis hold a special place in my heart for their sheer texture. It is by far the most comfortable fabric to wear for our summer season. The luxury of the transparent Chanderi is like no other. It has come a long way from its traditional floral and peacock motifs. The more modern versions feature tie and dye, geometrical patterns and moustache prints. My favourite Chanderis are from Vishal Kapur.
Linens are always associated with crisp shirts. However the handwoven linen sarees are so soft and feel wonderful to wear during summer. Anavila makes the most luxurious linen sarees in a range colors. You’ll find pastels, all shades of beige, charcoal and black too. She has indeed given the otherwise plain linen saree a contemporary edge and made it fashionable to be seen in.
Promise yourself to experiment this summer and stay trendy with the traditional fabrics of India. Let us be proud Indians!

-ShriVyshnavi Annush

An article written by ShriVyshnavi Annush for the Hindu Metroplus, on the 13th of December, 2014. 

Winter trend – Scarves Galore! 

Its December and there is a slight nip in the early morning air. You know winter has arrived. Its my favorite season of the year with misty mornings. Winter for me means that I can bring out my scarves and stoles.

A scarf is one of the most versatile accessories to own. It speaks of elegance. A woman wearing a scarf in the right way is immediately recognized to be style conscious. You can dress up or dress down an outfit with a scarf.We are spoilt for choice with a myriad of textiles that our country has to offer. A handwoven linen or a cotton scarf is as luxurious to wear as a printed silk or a pashmina one.
It is indeed a blessing to live in a country like ours where each region has its own unique weave to offer. Our very own Kovai is famous for its cotton handlooms. A Kovai scarf or a stole can be spotted from a distance by its temple borders and traditional colors. The sheer lightness of the fabric makes it wearable throughout the year. The Maheshwari scarves from the banks of Narmada are known for their sensuous texture and signature geometrical motifs. The Pashmina scarf is a legend by itself. It embodies elegance and luxury. The Pashminas are hand spun from fine wool and hand embroidered in Kashmir. My Kashmiri friend once told me a simple rule to follow while buying pashminas. If the scarf or stole goes through a ring at one go, it means that it has passed the test of being genuine.  The Pashmina is to the Kashmiris what Kacheepuram saris are for us in the South. Pashmina scarves and shawls are a must have in a Kashmiri bride’s trousseau.
There are several ways that you can wear a scarf. There are enough youtube videos out there to help you do that. For work, pairing a handwoven linen scarf with a shirt and jeans instantly adds that extra bit of style quotient to your otherwise ordinary outfit. In the evenings, you can wear a vividly printed silk scarf to keep you warm and at the same time fashionable. Stoles can be paired with a tunic to give you that oomph factor. Enjoy the winter season experimenting with scarves and a hot cup of chai!


Frame a statement

Summer is the season to bring out your florals and whites and, of course, your collection of sunglasses. A great way to stay cool this summer is to wear shades. They come in a variety of colours and shapes. The four biggest sunglass trends seen on models and runways are the Lennons, the Aviators, the Oversized Cat Eye and the Mirrored sunglasses.

Made famous by music legend John Lennon of The Beatles, these sunglasses are round with a shell frame. It’s retro chic and is the trendiest shape to own and wear this summer. You can wear it all day to work and back with your pair of linen trousers and a cotton shirt to beat the heat.

A more fun and cool way to wear this trend is to pair the Lennons with a madras checks cotton dress. If you want to be bolder and experiment with being a Bohemian, wear the Lennons with a floral maxi and a floral wreath in your hair.

The aviators have been around for a long time now and make their way back to the top of the fashion list almost every summer. Synonymous with pilots, they are cool and hip to sport. They lend you that edgy chic like no other, whether you’re wearing them on your long mountain drives or to the beach. Ripped jeans, a white top and a pair of aviators are all you need to be a fashionable summer rebel.

The oversized cat eye is currently one of the biggest trends seen at European fashion weeks. The cat eye makes you feel like a diva at once. The popular Italian actress Sophia Lauren made it popular.

Wear them with a knee-length dress to hike up your glamour quotient. Coachella is a popular music and arts festival held in California every year and the fashion trends spotted there usually become a rage the world over. Mirrored sunglasses were a huge trend there this year. But they are definitely not for the faint hearted. You can pick them up in all colours of the rainbow. Stay stylish with a pair of mirrored shades worn with a long skirt in pastel pink and a white crop top.

If you have a round face, the oversized cat eyed pair of sunglasses or the mirrored one is the best shape for you. A square-shaped face can rock the aviators. If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky because all shapes look awesome on you. For a heart-shaped face, pick the round Lennons for a perfect fit. Go own the pair that works for you.

The aviators have been around for a long time and make their way back to the top of the fashion list almost every summer.

– ShriVyshnavi Annush for the Hindu Metro Plus, 16th May 2015


Walk like a Bohemian Tribal!
What exactly is bohemian style ? It’s attributed to the gypsies of eastern Europe. Their style is long flowing skirts, floral tops and stacked accessories. The Bohemian trend is very hot this summer. Add to it a bit of tribal fashion be it a tribal printed skirt or a necklace and voila you’re insta fashionable! So to be a trendy diva on vacation this summer, stack the necklaces. You could wear a couple or even go up to 3 depending on how big a statement you want to make. Wear the layers with a bustier and long skirt like our model. Another way to own this Boho tribal look is to layer a few pendants. Choose earthy semi precious stone pendants to stay true to the look. 

5 Jewellery Pieces Every Girl Must Get Her Hands On

The key to going from drab to fab is picking the right accessories. Here are the hottest pieces this summer. 

1. Statement Necklace – Every girl must own a couple of statement neckpieces. An important rule to follow is to keep the earrings simple while wearing a statement necklace. So wear a pair of minimal studs in the same colour as the necklace that you’re wearing. Bold necklaces are very fashionable at the moment. Make a statement in the boardroom with a statement necklace paired with a white cotton shirt and trousers. A funky alternative is to wear a statement necklace with a sari for work. It will make a serious statement for sure. You could also explore your punk side by wearing a necklace with spikes and stones. It’s edgy and very chic especially when worn with a linen dress for summer. 

2. Layered Pendants – Layering pendants is a very bohemian trend. This trend has been spotted at all fashion weeks across the globe. Wear turquoise and citrine coloured pendants with a white cotton midi dress to be summer ready. Another way to be a gypsy goddess is to wear a few pendant necklaces with a pair of jeans and a casual shirt.

3. Tassel Earrings – Tassels are trending on all runways the world over. An easy and quick way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is to own a pair of tassel earrings. There are a few ways that you can flaunt tassel earrings. You can pair them with a pair of denim shorts and a funky tie and dye T-shirt to chill out at a pool party this summer. Another way to wear the tassel trend is to wear the earrings with a floral printed maxi dress for a summer party. Tassels for me mean freedom and summer is the perfect season to have fun with them.

4. Bold Blue Rings – Blue is the trendiest colour of the season. So why not buy a few bold rings in shades of blue? Turquoise, aqua and indigo are all fashionable colours right now. Wear a bold ring with a chikankari kurta and leggings for a day out with your family. Or wear these rings with a shift dress in navy or white for a movie date with your special someone.

5. Hand Harness – Besides rings, hand harnesses or haathphools are funky and fun. You’ll be insta-cool if spotted wearing a hand harness. There are a variety of haathphools that you can wear. A simple chain link hand harness worn with ripped jeans is a huge trend this season. An ethnic hand harness with a full-length skirt and a crop top will make you stand out in a crowd. Go out there and have fun experimenting with hand harnesses! 

Remember to have fun while staying stylish!

– ShriVyshnavi Annush for Fashion 101, 7th May 2015


Casually summer!

Look cool this summer with shades and cotton scarves. The trendiest sunglasses are the round shaped shell framed Lennons, named after the music legend John Lennon of The Beatles. Think hip, trendy and Coachella! Wrap a light and airy cotton scarf over your shorts and crop stop and be insta chic this summer. All shades of blue – Indigo, Aqua and turquoise are trending at the moment. Stay fashionable by picking a blue scarf!

She sells sea shells on the sea shore!

Going on a beach vacay or to a pool party? Wear a statement necklace with shorts and a crop top and you’re all set. Don’t forget the sunscreen, funky flip flops, funky shades and a hat! Of course bring your inner mermaid along! We at Pookaari believe that if you accessorize right you’ll be an instant fashion diva. You can also wear a statement necklace with a printed maxi dress or a plain white or ivory tired linen knee length day dress. The shades that are trending at Pookaari this summer are the round ones with our without a shell frame.