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Hanging on to the top trend this summer: Tassels

You have to have been living under a rock not to have noticed the fact that tassel jewelry and accessories are trending hard right now .You can literally find these fun and flirty trims hanging from the wrist, neck and ears of fashion bloggers, street style stars and celebrities every where you look. Apart from making you feel stylish and super trendy, these swingy little adornments also inspire you to feel strong, smart and statuesque. They are literally appearing all over the place, dripping of the ends of handbags, scarves, shoes and every other accessory

The word tassel originated from the Latin word ”tassau”, which refers to a clasp at the neck of a garment. Historically, this trendy little fringe you wear has a lot of significance. Between Roman emperors and contemporary fashion designers, tassels have had a long history of ornamental power. They have always been used as a symbol of power and prestige. In the beginning, tassels served as a weaving knot in garments to stop them from unraveling. Ancient priests and military officers began to wear them to denote superior rank and as talismans to ward of evil spirits. Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun was unearthed from his tomb wearing a tassel around his neck.

In more recent history, we have the French to thank to turn the humble tassel into a trendsetter and giving it a luxe legacy. The sixteenth century art of Passementerie turned tassels into a royal embellishment, commissioned by the  likes of Napoleon and King Louie the XIV. In India, traditional ‘Jhaalars’ were tassels used in decorative elements of clothing, décor and jewelry.

For Spring Summer 2016, the international range of accessories with tassel embellishments is as extensive as it is varied. You can choose from investment pieces like dainty tassel bracelets by jewelry designer Aurelie Bidermann, which are perfect for wearing alone or stacking up with others. Oscar De La Renta’s chunky beaded tassel earrings are also a fun way to wear this trend. For the more budget conscious, fun and affordable options from retailers such as ASOS and Nasty Girl are also available.

We at Pookaarii provide a wide variety of tassel jewelry as an option for everyone, young and old. Our BBling collection tassel necklace is an eye-catching option for how to wear this trend. As an everyday look, we have tassel pendant necklaces by Masaya trimmed with gold chains to add a glam edge. For a night out, Valliyan by Nitya has a more formal gold and emerald necklace with chain tassels. Our personally curated Pookaari collection has the Infinity necklace and Veer lapel pin with pearl tassels. Potli bags by Seetam and scarves by Bon Vivant also showcase this trend with their tasseled trimmings.

Needless to say, tasseled jewelry and accessories are the way to go to update your style quotient and stay on trend this summer. So don’t wait, add these pieces to your wardrobe right away and be fashion forward and forever stylish.

Top Trends of 2015

Tassels, Statement earrings, Spikes and Sequins are the big trends seen on the runways for Spring Summer 2015. Here are some ways that you can adapt these trends and stay stylish.

Tassels – You could work this trend any which way you desire. A heavily embroidered dupatta with tassel embellishments at the corners paired with a simple shalwar kameez, is perfect for a pooja at home. A more contemporary way to rock this trend is, to wear a tasseled jacket or a fringe bag with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Or you could choose to play it safe and simply experiment with the trend and wear a gold coloured tasseled cuff with your sari.Statement earrings look best when worn with a simple outfit. For maximum effect, wear a knee length sundress with a pair of earrings that almost scrape your shoulders. It’s a sure shot way of getting people to notice you. Long earrings look best on people with a slender neck. The best way not to overdo this look, is to skip the necklace while choosing to sport statement earrings. Look stunning while wearing a heavy georgette sari with chandelier earrings at a wedding cocktail party. Being the odd one out and not wearing a dress to the party is sometimes a good thing. For me, the sari is the most fascinating and versatile piece of clothing. It is made for our body types. Believe me when I say that Indian women look sensational in a sari.My favourite trend of the new year is Spikes. It shouts rebel! Each one of us has a rebellious side and what better way to express it rather than through fashion? Whether its a clutch, a necklace or ballet flats be runway ready in spikes. The British designer brand Alexander McQueen is the cult brand for accessories with spikes. You just have to own a McQueen clutch! Get in touch with your rebel side by sporting a spike ear cuff by our very own  Manish Arora for Amprapali. Manish Arora is well known for his edgy designs. Today, you have the freedom to mix and match. So go ahead and be different – Wear your spikes with something as traditional as a sari. As Indians, let’s admit that we adore bling! Fortunately for us, sequins is still a big trend for the new year. Whether you want to go all out or be subtle, there is something for everyone who wants to wear this trend. I prefer to stick to sequinned accessories and keep my outfit plain. But the choice is yours. Wear a sequinned belt to dress up the otherwise plain little black dress. The same belt can be worn to complete a pair of jeans and a white shirt. If you’re aiming for a more formal look and still want to wear sequins, pair a sequinned bag or a clutch with your sari. Fashion is about being clever and choosing accessories that can be repeated with different clothes for different occasions.

– ShriVyshnavi Annush for The Hindu MetroPlus


5 Jewellery Pieces Every Girl Must Get Her Hands On

The key to going from drab to fab is picking the right accessories. Here are the hottest pieces this summer. 

1. Statement Necklace – Every girl must own a couple of statement neckpieces. An important rule to follow is to keep the earrings simple while wearing a statement necklace. So wear a pair of minimal studs in the same colour as the necklace that you’re wearing. Bold necklaces are very fashionable at the moment. Make a statement in the boardroom with a statement necklace paired with a white cotton shirt and trousers. A funky alternative is to wear a statement necklace with a sari for work. It will make a serious statement for sure. You could also explore your punk side by wearing a necklace with spikes and stones. It’s edgy and very chic especially when worn with a linen dress for summer. 

2. Layered Pendants – Layering pendants is a very bohemian trend. This trend has been spotted at all fashion weeks across the globe. Wear turquoise and citrine coloured pendants with a white cotton midi dress to be summer ready. Another way to be a gypsy goddess is to wear a few pendant necklaces with a pair of jeans and a casual shirt.

3. Tassel Earrings – Tassels are trending on all runways the world over. An easy and quick way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is to own a pair of tassel earrings. There are a few ways that you can flaunt tassel earrings. You can pair them with a pair of denim shorts and a funky tie and dye T-shirt to chill out at a pool party this summer. Another way to wear the tassel trend is to wear the earrings with a floral printed maxi dress for a summer party. Tassels for me mean freedom and summer is the perfect season to have fun with them.

4. Bold Blue Rings – Blue is the trendiest colour of the season. So why not buy a few bold rings in shades of blue? Turquoise, aqua and indigo are all fashionable colours right now. Wear a bold ring with a chikankari kurta and leggings for a day out with your family. Or wear these rings with a shift dress in navy or white for a movie date with your special someone.

5. Hand Harness – Besides rings, hand harnesses or haathphools are funky and fun. You’ll be insta-cool if spotted wearing a hand harness. There are a variety of haathphools that you can wear. A simple chain link hand harness worn with ripped jeans is a huge trend this season. An ethnic hand harness with a full-length skirt and a crop top will make you stand out in a crowd. Go out there and have fun experimenting with hand harnesses! 

Remember to have fun while staying stylish!

– ShriVyshnavi Annush for Fashion 101, 7th May 2015


Whats hot for the party season?
Its that time of the year when everyday there is a party to go to. Each one of us is in a celebratory mood, eager to meet our friends and family who have come home for the holidays from near and far.The hottest trends at the moment are fringes and shimmer. Shimmer is ubiquitous for dinner parties. Its glamorous and brings out the diva in you. A long gold lame maxi dress is sure to make you feel like a showstopper in a fashion show. Tall women look best in a maxi. If you’re the petite type of woman, the best type of dress to wear is a short one that reaches until just above your knees. Accessorize it with a gold colored belt at your waist and voila, you have upped your style quotient. To complete the look, wear a pair of glittering gold stilletos. It is the party season after all, so be bold and own your style.On the contrary, if you’re the kind of woman who likes to play it safe but would also like to be fashionable, carry a glittering metallic evening bag in gold or silver. For a more traditional occasion, one can always wear a chiffon sari and pair it with a sequinned blouse. The blouse lends instant character to the otherwise plain sari and will dress up the whole outfit.
Now lets talk about the other trend on the runway – the fringe. There is something about the fringe look that shouts casual luxury! The easiest way to own the fringe look is to flaunt it with accessories. A sling bag with fringe detail is the “in” thing and the easiest way to stay trendy. The brands that I really like are Zara and Rebecca Minkoff.
Another way to stay trendy, is to wear a pair of fringe gold colored earrings with your little black dress, popularly known as the LBD. Depending on the occassion, you could wear the earrings even with a lovely kancheepurarm sari. A mix of the traditional and contemporary will most definitely make people stop, take notice and compliment you. If you’d like to be a tad bit bolder, experiment with fringe detailed shoes. The exquisitely detailed and dramatic fringe detailing on your pair of stilettos is sure to draw all eyes to your feet. Schutz and Chloe are well known luxury brands for their fringed stilettos.Its okay once in a while to splurge on shoes. A word of caution, these stilettos are definitely not for the faint hearted.
My favourite way to flaunt the fringe look, is to wear a leather jacket with fringe trimmings over my favorite pair of blue denims and boots. It keeps me comfortable and stylish at the same time. A popular belief is that in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends one has to sacrifice comfort. I disagree! Its picking what works for you and your body type that makes you truly stylish.

– ShriVyshnavi Annush for the Hindu MetroPlus, December 26th 2014


Tassels and Fringes are trending on all runways this season. Manish Malhotra opened LFW Summer Resort with a beautiful collection featuring tassels. AIFW (Amazon India Fashion Week) had designers Hemant & Nandita and Nikasha Tawadey showcasing the trend beautifully with their clothes. The sway and freedom of tassels is always liberating. Stay trendy this summer by experimenting with your accessories. A handwoven linen scarf with tassels on the ends can be worn on a pastel colored tunic or even on a kurta. Another way to accessorize is to wear jewellery with tassels. A funky tasseled earring curated by Pookaari with a simple white cotton top and a bright colored skirt is what you need to wear this season!