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These Celebrities Show You How to Rock Your Accessories

I personally believe that accessories can actually make or break a look. Fashion accessories fall into 4 major categories – Jewellery, Bags, Scarves and other fun stuff like hats, sunglasses, ipad sleeves, belts et all. The best way to learn anything is to observe the well dressed women around us and take a leaf from their trend books. In today’s age of social media, this is very easy to do. There are so many celebrities out there from whom you can draw inspiration to stay fashionable.The celebrities who have had a huge impact on me as far as the way they accessorize are concerned, are  Olivia Palermo and Sonam Kapoor. 

Olivia is by far the goddess of accessorizing. She has a distinct style and a very classic and modern character to the way she dresses and pairs her accessories. She would most likely wear a simple and elegant plain black dress. But what would make it look stunning is the way she wore a pair of tasseled shoulder grazing earrings with it and carried a stunning clutch. The entire outfit is complete with these two accessories – the statement earrings and the beautiful clutch. For casual day wear you would most likely find Olivia in a pair of trendy ripped jeans and a white shirt with a vivid scarf wrapped stylishly around her neck. What I particularly love about Olivia is her attention to detail. She would finish her casual look with a pair of a canary yellow loafers to lend the look some quirky edge. This is precisely why she stands out with her style and is so different.  
I absolutely love Sonam for her fearlessness when it comes to fashion. I almost envy her for the way she experiments with different styles and looks. One moment she is wearing a traditional Anamika Khanna outfit with a bold statement necklace and at the other moment she is flaunting a dramatic couture evening gown by  Elie Saab. She is a fashion chameleon and this is what I admire about her style. There is never a dull and boring moment in Sonam Kapoor’s fashion life. I specifically like the fact that she has a penchant for accessorizing diffrerently. She is always almost seen in very edgy accessories even when she is wearing something traditional and conservative. She completely owns her looks. She wore a McQueen style dress at Cannes last year with a kundan nath which was truly original and bold. She is truly an inspiration for anyone who follows fashion and likes to keep up with trends.
Another cool thing about accessories is that you can safely experiment with different looks. If you’re aiming to try out a rocker chic look, you dont have to immediately dress in ripped jeans and biker jackets. You can instead shop for necklaces or earrings with spikes on them and wear with your pair of jeans and a shirt. This will give you an instant and yet subtle makeover. When you experiment with fashion you’ll learn what makes you look good and what doesn’t. This is the only way to really learn.  

-ShriVyshnavi Annush for Fashion101

Jhumkas are perfect for the monsoon! There is a lot of history around this beautiful piece of jewellery. Jhumkas can be traced back to the era of the scriptures. If there ever was a piece of jewellery that can be called romantic and whimsical it most definitely is the jhumka.
There are myriad options to choose from. Pick from the different semi precious stoned jhumkas or the simpler two toned gold silver jhumkas. Wear a semi precious jhumkas in jade and crimson colors with an ethnic angharka. Another trendy way to style yourself is to wear a two toned jhumka with a simple solid colored burnt orange colored dress.  Sonam Kapoor the trendsetter seems to agree too! Have fun with beautiful traditional jhumkas during the monsoons!