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Flowering with fashion: Flora and Fauna inspired jewelry

Floral, fruity and animal motifs have always made their way onto garment pieces, but now fashion has gone one step further and find them gracefully decorating a woman’s neck or wrist or even ears. Being ultra feminine, this art deco inspired look is easy to wear and adds a different element of style and delicate grace to our run of the mill jewelry pieces. This fresh look is perfect for spring summer as well, and flower and leaf motifs are popping up all over from precious jewelry to street style fashion.

Floral inspired jewelry is a major accessories trend for spring summer 2016.On the international fashion scene, designer Anna Sui is head over heels in love with flowers this year. Showcasing her collection, she has incorporated them into garment pieces covered with floral patterns or appliques, an array of floral accessories styling the models’ hair, realistic floral festoons stretching across the whole bodies of the models. Also mind-blowing are her charming chokers with one single statement flower attached to them or bangles with one single flower anchored on them. At Dolce and Gabbana earrings come to imitate a bunch of flowers, while a couple of them bring into play realistic oranges and lemons as well. At Calvin Klein the flower on a bracelet is no way fragile but is standing quite solidly with its golden petals, while Carolina Herrera presents arch like earrings with floral details.

Historically, man has always been prone to be inspired by nature, which he saw all around him, and this is a trend that was constant through the ages. In Europe, Naturalistic jewelry, decorated with clearly recognizable flowers and fruit, became hugely popular during the 19 th century. Large spray of assorted flowers would often be worn as earrings, necklaces or body ornaments. Some of the diamond flowers are set on springs, which would increase their sparkle considerably as the wearer moved By the 1850s the delicate early designs had given way to more extravagant and complex compositions of flowers and foliage.

At the same time, flowers were used to express love and friendship. The colors in nature were matched by colored gemstones to create intricate and ultra- feminine pieces of jewelry. In modern times, From Chanel’s camellia to Christian Dior’s lily of the valley, flowers have been a constant source of inspiration to jewelers.

In Indian jewelry, floral motifs have often been a predominant theme and many traditional jewelry pieces are stylized with repetitive patterns inspired by flowers, leaves or other natural elements.

At Pookaari, we have curated an exquisite collection of floral inspired designer jewelry pieces, to add a delicate and on trend touch of style to your collection this summer. Designers Vibha,Mirror White, Preeti Mohan and Divya Chugh provide floral motif jewelry options for a more formal and evening look. Desi Panache and Fooljhari have more fun and casual style jewelry. For hair accessories with floral influences, shop from our collection of hair drama products.

Walk like a Bohemian Tribal!
What exactly is bohemian style ? It’s attributed to the gypsies of eastern Europe. Their style is long flowing skirts, floral tops and stacked accessories. The Bohemian trend is very hot this summer. Add to it a bit of tribal fashion be it a tribal printed skirt or a necklace and voila you’re insta fashionable! So to be a trendy diva on vacation this summer, stack the necklaces. You could wear a couple or even go up to 3 depending on how big a statement you want to make. Wear the layers with a bustier and long skirt like our model. Another way to own this Boho tribal look is to layer a few pendants. Choose earthy semi precious stone pendants to stay true to the look.