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Dazzle and shine with Mirror work Accessories

Nothing attracts as much attention and
has playful appeal like the glint of a mirror work embroidery and
jewelry. This traditional craft has been seen re-invented in various
forms season after season and is a timeless classic that proves to be
in fashion no matter what the changing trends are. The sparkle and
mesmerizing shine of mirrors reflecting the sunlight brightens up any
summer look, be it traditional or western and
instantly adds appeal and glamour to your outfits and accessories.
Even jewelry embedded with cutout mirror patterns has transited from
folk pieces into modern designer styles and can be seen glinting on
the ears, wrists and neckpieces of the fashion elite.

Mirror work has been in vogue for centuries and is popularly known as
“Sheesha” or “Abhala Bharat” embroidery. This is an art form
in which mirrors of various shapes are fixed on to the fabric through
embroidery. In recent times however, mirrors have been replaced by
reflective luminescent metal pieces of different shapes and sizes,
particularly on apparel. Mirror work is used on various fabrics such
as georgette, crepe, cotton, silk, chiffon and many more which are
then turned into attractive apparel and accessories ranging from
sarees, to cushion covers and belts.

Usually having folk origins, this
technique has been popular in clothing and jewelry in hot and dessert
cultures such as Rajasthan and Gujrat in India as well Morroco and
other Arabic regions as well. In fact, mirror-embedding techniques
were also popular in other forms of artistic expression and
decoration such as palace decorations, furniture, artifacts and

Indian designers such as Abu Jani and
Sandeep Khosla, Manish Arora, Anita Dogre as well as countless others
have played around with mirror work techniques to provide us with
stylish and beautifully crafted garments and accessories season after
season. International designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander
McQueen have also used mirrors as style accents repeatedly in their
clothing and accessory collections.

Our accessories
at Pookaari have many pieces that extensively use mirror work ranging
from jewelry to bags and other accessories. Designers Fooljhadi and
Raagini Mittal have used mirror detailing in their earrings to create
a dazzling and understated bling look.  Clutch bags by Prachi Gwalini
are also embellished with mirror work details. Aiyana has designed an
entire collection of Potli bags with intricate mirror embroidery to
compliment all your Indian outfits and look pretty at any occasion.
Most unique are Pookaari’s own collection of I pad sleeves and
laptop bags which are embellished with intricate and colorful Kutch
embroidery and mirror work detailing. A far cry from your run of the
mill electronic cases, these covers are a great way to express
personal taste and individuality and stand out in a crowd. So be
bedazzled, and buy mirrored accessories this summer to a add shine
and sparkle to your look.

‘Every rose seems to have a thorn’ go the lyrics of the well know song, and the same seems to hold true for current jewelry trends as well. Inspired by the Punk and Grundge fashion movements, spikes have embedded themselves deep into the jewelry styles of today. Quite simply put, a spike element is a pointy detail added to an accessory to give it a dramatic and on-trend feel. These elements can add a hint of toughness to your accessories and also look poetic at the same time

The edginess added to jewelry by adding studs and spikes is derived historically from the middle ages. Roman and Celtic soldiers often wore uniforms and amours decorated by spikes to add a protective element to their military clothing. Leather strips adorned with spikes were also worn around wrists and waists in a manner that is also known to be fashionable today.

Going on the 1970s, spikes saw a resurgence in Punk and rock cultures and began to be used as decorative elements. Associated with crazy haircuts and rebellious behavior, the use of spikes came to represent a sub culture based on anarchy and the breaking of stereotypes. Rock and punk music fans would also wear a lot of spikes in their clothing and jewelry to denote association with the kind of look they associated their music to. By the 1980s this look had reached its peak and began to make an appearance in pop culture as well as worn by singers such a Madonna and Paula Abdul. From the 1990s to now, spikes have completely lost their rebellious edge and have now been incorporated into mainstream fashion as a form of detailing and on trend fashion statement used by designer labels.

From precious jewelry to designers, a costume and high street label, everyone one is incorporating spikes into their accessory collections. Paired with tassels, another popular trend for spring summer 2016, spikes are literally popping up everywhere you turn. French precious jewelry designer Aurelie Bidermann worked little spike points denoting thorns into an 18k gold ring for her rose bud collection. Famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin has used spikes all over his shoes, bags and accessory collections. Studs and spikes as a grunge look has been updated by fashion labels such as Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Rodarte and Jeremy Scott.

At Pookaari we have a wide range of designer necklaces and earrings which incorporate spike detailing. Shop necklaces at BBling, Spike chandelier earrings by Ragini Mittal and Studs by Jewelry Box. Designer Felix Bendish also provides us with punk necklaces with interesting spike details to update our accessory style and incorporate spikes into our collection this season.

Swinging with style: The Chandelier Earrings

As any fashionista can tell you, your jewelry collection is not considered complete unless it contains at least one dazzling and fashionable pair of chandelier earrings. By definition, a chandelier style earring means a long elaborate dangling earring, typically consisting of various tiers of gemstones, crystals, beads etc. From red carpet events to a night out on town, these long dangling earrings enamor everyone. These attention grabbing pieces dangle and sway from your ears, adding that extra drama and glamour to your look.

Made from a variety of materials, they can range from highly expensive and exclusive precious jewelry styles to affordable costume pieces for a trendy and current look. All age groups, making them an extremely versatile addition to your wardrobe, can also wear these earrings.

Historically, chandelier earrings closely resemble mini-chandeliers with a series of embellishments that drop down, sometimes cascading to different lengths, creating tiers. These tiers create movement and in many cases, create additional sparkle and shine.

These earrings have enjoyed a long history of being used as adornment, cultural identification and a sign of wealth and prosperity for thousands of years, dating back to 2500 B.C. According to legend, evil spirits were thought to be able to enter the body through any of its openings and take control. The first earrings were probably worn to bar away these spirits. Even though earring styles and popularity have fluctuated throughout time based on economic conditions, fashion and style influences and societal factors, they have always remained an important part of fashion.

Originating in Asia and the Middle East, Earrings were used as a simple way to determine the wearer's religious, political or tribal identity. Earrings were also an indicator of the individual's social status in the community and were considered a sign of wealth and prosperity. Among sailors, a pierced earlobe was a symbol that the wearer had sailed around the world or had crossed the equator. Earrings were also worn for acupuncture purposes, commonly believed to aid eyesight and hearing.

During the Roman Empire, wealthy women used earrings to show off their rich status. By the 2nd century A.D., gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds and aquamarines were used regularly in earring designs. By the middle of the 20th century, earrings of all shapes and sizes were popular, though there was a clear distinction between more conservative earrings worn during the day, and more glamorous earrings worn in the evenings. In the 1970′s, pierced earrings gained popularity and at the same time, styles merged and were no longer limited to either day or night wear.

Looking at the trends in 2016, many designers such as Alexander Mcqueen Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Celine have showcased massive chandelier earrings, some of them almost grazing the shoulder.

At Pookaari, we showcase a large collection of Chandelier earrings, by designers such as Raagini Mittal, Preeti Mohan, Vijayshree Sovani , Valliyan and Bbling to name a few. 

Made in a wide variety or colors, materials, our carefully curated chandelier earrings make the perfect addition to any outfit and can be shopped in styles to fit any occasion. Take advantage of their multifunctional character by wearing them on special occasions for a more luxurious and chic look, or wear them in everyday life to bring some bohemian free-spirited touches to your outfit.

Charming us this summer: the Charm accessory trend

While going through various styles of designer jewelry, you are sure to have come across  the charm jewelry trend. These accessories are often tiny and delicate, but they sure do pack a punch. Charms are by definition an attractive or alluring feature that is added to accessories or jewelry. They are usually stones or baubles or even small trinkets of a specific shape that dangle off bracelets, earrings and necklaces. These are usually added to pieces individually or in multiple quantities and styles.  The purpose of these is to be pleasing to the eye and also add femininity and individuality to your look. These jewelry pieces are often personal, and provide an intricate and enduring peak in to the wearer’s inner world. Charm jewelry is also highly attractive as it dances and tinkles together with every step the wearer takes.

Historically speaking, the wearing of charms began in the way of an amulet or talisman to ward of evil sprits and bad luck. During pre-historic times, jewelry charms would be made of shells, animal bones and clay. Later on as civilization evolved, jewelry had charms made out of gems, rocks and sometimes wood.

Evidence of charms being used as ornaments in Germany and Africa was found up to 30,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians, who were extremely evolved in their jewelry, used charms for identification and as symbols of faith and luck. They were even used to identify individuals to the Gods in their afterlife. Charms themselves have been the subject of several waves of trends and were worn by Assyrians, Babylonians and Persian civilizations from 600-400 BC. In Europe, Queen Victoria started the fashion of wearing charm bracelets amongst the noble classes.

In modern times, the jewelers Tiffany and Co. introduced their first charm bracelets in 1889. This look has gone on to become iconic and identified with the brand, and is now used in all their jewelry. Today, designers such as Juicy Couture, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi and Valentino use charms in their earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Alexander McQueens spooky skeletons and Moschino’s retro tapes are also an example of on-trend charm accessories. In 2015 bag charms became all the rage, and were showcased by high street and high-end designers in a variety of different styles.

At Pookaari, we have curated a collection of charm necklaces by designer label Quirkbox. These one of a kind charm pieces are adorned with dangling accents in metal and natural stones and are a great way for the wearer to flaunt their individuality. They can be worn with all kinds of outfits, from a little black dress in the evening to a white t-shirt and jeans to update your daytime look. Invest in these pieces to add to your wardrobe, and you are guaranteed to stand out and grab attention in any crowd.

A reinvention of the humble bracelet, wrist cuffs are a fashionable and exciting way to jazz up any outfit. A Cuff style is typically characterized as a rigid and open bracelet that slips over the wrist or arm and is usually of a significant width. These pieces are can be worn in a large number of very different ways and with any array of outfits. They can be sported on one or both wrists or upper arms, layered with other jewelry pieces or just as a single point of focus.

Historically, It is no accident that cuff bracelets have adorned the wrists of some of the most compelling and beautiful women . They can be traced back thousands of years, making appearances in ancient cultures worldwide from Asia, Africa, and Europe to America. The Egyptians fancied the cuff, adorning it with stones and Hieroglyphs. Queens Nefretiti and Cleopatra were often depicted wearing cuff bracelets. Greek goddesses such as Athena also adorned themselves with cuffs on both the lower and upper arms. Ancient Roman and Mayan royalty wore decorative cuffs, while soldiers wore leather cuffs for protective purposes.

Fictional characters such as Wonder Women and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones are both known to wear cuffs that symbolize their strength, power and position.

The good news is that you don’t have to be royalty these days to be wearing this trend. Various different versions of the cuff are available with designers both internationally as we as in India. Materials such as gold, silver, metal, stones, plastic, crystals, leather and beads are all combined together in numerous interesting and innovative ways to creates looks that are stylish, glamorous and fashion forward.

For spring summer 2016, more delicate and intricately woven filigreed pieces have been making an appearance.  These are layered or worn by themselves on the wrists or upper arms to bring a fresh new edge to any outfit. International designers such as Giambattista Valli, Ellie Saab and Emporio Armani have all showcased collections where models sashayed down the runways sporting intricate and embellished cuffs in various shapes, colors and textures.

A cuff bracelet can also be worn to add a trendy and modern edge to a traditional Indian outfit. Gold metal cuffs worn instead of bangles are a stunning way to update a chiffon sari. On the flipside, these same pieces can be worn with casual outfits and western dresses to add an instant glamour to your look.

At Pookaari, designers Divya Chugh, Valliyan , Malleka and Golden Window provide a fabulous and varied collection of designer cuffs, all of which are a must have for any fashionista. Shop our specially curated collection of cuff jewelry to  reinvent your look as a modern day goddess and make heads turn this Spring Summer 2016.

Harnessing the hand harness trend: the Haath Phool

Over the past few years one has repeatedly witnessed the resurgence and reinvention of traditional Indian jewelry, designs and silhouettes in wedding and  festive wear. Indian designers such a Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, JJ Vallaya and Ritu Kumar are constantly showcasing collections with inspiration derived from traditional and historic Indian influences. Even in the west, Elie Saab’s 2016 couture show collection showcases a vast variety of Indian embroidery and silhouettes.  One such look that has gained a lot of popularity recently is the Indian hand harness or Haath Phool.

Literally translating to ‘ hand flower ‘ the Haath phool has been known historically as a part of the sixteen adornments (Solah Shringar) Traditionally worn in India. Indian brides wear it as a part of the traditional set along with toe  rings, armlets and many other pieces of jewelry, which have seen a recent revival in current fashion trends.  The haath phool dates back to the Mughal era, and is speculated to have been of Persian origin. Courtesans, musicians and dance performers also popularly wore such pieces.

Whether it is a delicate compliment or a chunky piece, the hand chain is bold and statement accessory which accentuates and compliments any outfit. The best part about it is that it can be worn with all your western dresses and outfits as well. It also serves as a great conversation starter. It is interesting to tell people  that the delicate hand harness they are admiring originated from your ancestors and is not just a fashion trend you picked up after observing Instagram pictures of Coachella.

For the lazy girl, this bracelet come ring also provides a quick and easy way to add glamour and style to your outfit without having to spend a lot of time endlessly piling on and matching various accessories. However, the hand harness can also be worn together with other bangles, rings and bracelets to create a more dramatic and put together look.

One of the most famous pieces of jewelry to be worn as a hand harness is the pearl and diamond style by Tiffany’s. The western world has taken this trend of  Indian origin and made it more modern and wearable by their interpretations of the piece. These include hand harnesses made by just linking together a series of chains or with one focal point like a filigree ring or bracelet. Even in India, versions differ from those having five separate rings, one for each finger or just simply a single ring with a trailing vine like lattice which usually covers part of or the entire back of your hand. The variety of styles available is also quite varied, from traditional Jadau and Polki pieces, modern art deco inspired delicate links and even vintage baroque embellished and encrusted styles.

Whatever style of piece you choose to adorn yourself with, the Haath Phool is guaranteed to grab the attention of all around you, setting you apart from the crowd as a woman of evolved fashion sensibility. We at Pookaari are soon bringing you a specially curated range of hand harnesses for you to pick from and add to your jewelry collection. So this wedding season, be sure to sport this ‘hands on’ trend and watch as the compliments never stop coming!

The Gold Rush

The wedding season is in full swing, and one trend we can never get enough of in India is that of gold jewelry. Traditionally, the jewelry in the South of Indiausually consisted of solid gold styles with intricate design details and hangings linked together to create a look, which while ornate and grand, is at the same time quite delicate and full of movement. Bengali jewelry as well has a lot of solid gold pieces, usually round medallions that are held together with gold chains and are in some cases embellished lightly with pearls or other precious stones.

Towards the North of the country precious stone embellishments and Jarau styles are more popular but even there many people prefer to buy solid gold pieces as they have a certain old school charm to them. When seen in terms of an investment, gold jewelry has its advantages as well.

The resale value of piece of jewelry is significantly higher if it does not have any stone embellishments in it.  Therefore it is often considered a wiser investment especially in terms of being given as part of a dowry.

However keeping that aside, more and more people are wearing gold plated jewelry and trendier styles especially in terms of making a personal style statement these days. Even internationally, chunky gold neckpieces, cuffs and earrings are all the rage. Fashion houses such as Gucci and Roberto Cavalli have showcased collections containing glamorous eighties inspired gold jewelry, which brings to mind an image of the every glamorous Joan Collins from the television series “Dynasty”.

There are multiple ways to sport this trend. You can go the traditional route and wear a solid gold set of jewelry to add a royal charm to your outfit. Teaming chunky indo-western pieces with a plain or embellished sari also creates an instantly classy and chic appeal, helping you stand out in a crowd. Multiple pieces can be layered to create a rich and more opulent feel, like the subject of a Raja Ravi Verma painting. As opposed to that you can go for a subtler look by wearing one striking statement piece and keeping the rest of your makeup and jewelry minimalistic. My personal favorite way of wearing this trend is to wear solid gold pieces apart from the typical necklace or earring. Haathphools, naths, anklets and headpieces are all a great way to sport solid gold pieces, and they don’t necessarily have to be pure gold as well. More and more designers are coming up with trendy styles in gold plating which give a rich and expensive look without costing the earth.

We at Pookari have many designers showcasing collections with solid gold pieces.  Preeti Mohan and Divya Chugh’s jewelry have beautiful traditional styles, which will add panache to any ensemble you choose to wear. To go a more modern route, adorn yourself in exquisite and bold warrior inspired chunky gold pieces by Malleka. For a more delicate look, drape yourself with a waterfall gold chain necklace by Raya. However you choose to wear it, keep in mind that the solid gold jewelry trend is must to add to your collection in 2016.

Making headlines: The headpiece trend

Over the past few years, one look that has been making its mark both in India and internationally is the headpiece trend. This is a look that just cannot be ignored anymore and any woman who considers her self a fashionista must have a variety of interesting headpieces in her collection of jewelry.

Traditionally, Indian brides have always worn as part of their jewelry a Maang Tikas, Matha Patti or Jhumar. In today’s day however, this look is not just limited to be worn by the bride herself. A lot of designers are coming up with more modern pieces that can transition seamlessly from Ethnic Indian wear to western wear. Wearing a delicate headpiece to accentuate a cocktail dress is the best way to make heads turn at a party. It can even be used to dress up a simple jeans and t-shirt look for a semi formal event. Also becoming increasingly popular are embellished hear bands. Adorned with blinged up stones or traditional Indian embroidery, these provide a fuss free and minimal hassle way to update your look.

On the international runways, many designers have shown different versions of this trend. Marc Jacobs showcased models wearing faux Mohawks, John Galliano and Alexander Mcqueen had helmet style pieces and Valentino added a Byzantine touch to his magical medieval collection.

In India designers such as Gaurav Gupta and Manish Arora have shown warrior like Maang Mohawks to create a highly dramatic look and instantly add a wow factor to their garments. Even off the runway, most jewelry designers are coming up with pieces that has a crown like and larger then life look. Such pieces are usually work as a point of focus and are then not teamed with earnings or even a large necklace. The other way of wearing headpieces, which is popular, is a minimalistic drop with delicate chains, which can then be worn along with earrings and other jewelry without becoming too overbearing. Such minimalistic pieces can also be worn easily with western wear and therefore area much more practical choice in terms of reuse and wear ability.

At Pookaari we provide buyers with many different styles and options for headpieces. Hair Drama has a large collection of embellished headbands, combs, hairpins as well as draped headpieces, all of which are guaranteed to add a special flair to your choice of outfit. So for once choose to be ‘headstrong’ and indulge in the headpiece trend to create a beautiful look which not only makes you stand out but photographs wonderfully as well.

Bagging the traditional look: The embellished box clutch

As the wedding season picks up pace to enter full swing, a trend that has been spotted increasingly at swank soirees is the embellished box clutch or the minaudiere bag. A bejeweled and embroidered accessory you can hold in your hand, box clutches can be a prefect compliment to any outfit while at the same time adding a bold and edgy look. This look derives from the statement piece trend, which consists of adding one larger then life accessory to an otherwise classic or minimalistic outfit to make it a focal point of your entire look.

Historically this trend was popularized in Hollywood during the 1920’s and 1930’s when jewelry designers Van Cleef and Arpels patented the term ‘Minaudiere’. It is said that the inspiration came from socialite Florence Gould who had taken an affinity to attending events carrying her belongings in a metal cigarette case. In today’s day international designers such as Juidith Leiber, Alexander Mc Queen, Bottega Veneta, J crew and Dior all feature box clutches in their latest collections.

There are many pros to carrying a box clutch. For one, it doesn’t interfere with the lines and drapes of your outfit. Tucking one under your arm or carrying it around in your hand adds a certain touch of elegance.  When embellished with traditional embroidery or ornate stone work it almost becomes a piece of jewelry you carry around in your hand. Box clutches create a sense of bold adventure but also inspire a timeless feel. They speak of a woman who is bold, fashion forward and chooses elegance over drab comfort.

These bags can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes colors and embellishments. They can be matched to the embroidery on your outfit or the stones in your jewelry or alternately contrasted to create a more dramatic and glamorous effect. The choice lies completely with the wearer. Even post wedding season the embellished Minaudiere can be carried with western wear dresses or evening outfits to add an edgy and fashion forward fusion feel.

We at Pookaari have specially curated pieces from our designers for your perusal and usage. Our bags feature, embroidery, stone work and digital printing and are available in a large variety of trendy colors. Choose from a wide range of styles by designers Karmic Kabira , Karishma Sarna and Aiyana to name a few. Prices range from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 12000.

Note: Historic facts courtesy www.fashionista.com

“Brooching” the topic: The ornate lapel pin trend

This wedding season we have seen a revival of statement brooches and baroque lapel pins. Reminiscent of an era gone by, using a jeweled broach to hold your sari in place evokes a sense of nostalgia and class that brings to mind the style of erstwhile royalty. It’s also a great way to perk up a plain or simpler sari and add some restrained bling. Both in India as well as internationally, celebrities such as Sonam Kapoor, Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively have been spotted sporting brooches.

There are many ways in which you can wear this trend. Adopt a classic approach by using just one pin as a focus point or make a style statement by adding two or three pieces in a more fashion forward look. It all depends on your individual style and sense of expression. The use of the versatile brooch doesn’t end with just fixing a sari on the shoulder. It can be used to adorn the neckline or back strap of a plain blouse and even hold a dupatta in place.  Moreover, once the wedding season is done this accessory translates seamlessly to be used with western wear. Traditionally adding it to a plain blouse or dress to add some bling is a classic style. Pinning a jeweled or ornate lapel pin to a coat or blazer is also a sure fire way of adding an instant point of interest. But apart from the traditional usage, given bellow are nine new and trendy ways to wear brooches on a daily basis.

1. With a plain t-shirt and jeans: Add a touch of glam to a mundane daily outfit by pinning on a brooch on your way out.

2. To fasten a scarf: Hold your scarf in place with a brooch towards the side or even dead center and create a point of interest.

3. On the collar of your shirt:  Add a brooch on both or one side of your shirt to instantly perk up your look.

4. On the waist band of your dress :Instantly transform a dress by adding a brooch at the waistband

5. On your ballerina shoe or pump: Pinning a brooch on your shoe can create an interesting effect.

6. On swimwear: Adding your brooch to a bikini or bathing suit transforms a plain piece to a glamorous and luxury resort look, especially perfect for parties at the beach.

7. In your hair: Use a pin to fasten a brooch in your hair or to a headband to create an instant and striking headpiece.

8. To re style an outfit: Gather up and pin a loose blouse or dress in place in an interesting manner to create drapes and add shape to otherwise loose and dowdy silhouettes.

9. On your bag: add a brooch to your plain clutch to make it look more special or add two or three to your every day bag to make a statement.

However you choose to sport a brooch, do be rest assured that it will definitely add an extra touch of glamour and style quotient to any outfit.

At Pookaari we have curated a special collection of reasonably priced Kundan brooches and jewelry pins to keep you “abreast” with this trend in every way possible.

Shop for Pookaari’s specially curated lapel pins on  https://pookaari.com/mens.html?products=176