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Walk like a Bohemian Tribal!
What exactly is bohemian style ? It’s attributed to the gypsies of eastern Europe. Their style is long flowing skirts, floral tops and stacked accessories. The Bohemian trend is very hot this summer. Add to it a bit of tribal fashion be it a tribal printed skirt or a necklace and voila you’re insta fashionable! So to be a trendy diva on vacation this summer, stack the necklaces. You could wear a couple or even go up to 3 depending on how big a statement you want to make. Wear the layers with a bustier and long skirt like our model. Another way to own this Boho tribal look is to layer a few pendants. Choose earthy semi precious stone pendants to stay true to the look. 

Whats hot for the party season?
Its that time of the year when everyday there is a party to go to. Each one of us is in a celebratory mood, eager to meet our friends and family who have come home for the holidays from near and far.The hottest trends at the moment are fringes and shimmer. Shimmer is ubiquitous for dinner parties. Its glamorous and brings out the diva in you. A long gold lame maxi dress is sure to make you feel like a showstopper in a fashion show. Tall women look best in a maxi. If you’re the petite type of woman, the best type of dress to wear is a short one that reaches until just above your knees. Accessorize it with a gold colored belt at your waist and voila, you have upped your style quotient. To complete the look, wear a pair of glittering gold stilletos. It is the party season after all, so be bold and own your style.On the contrary, if you’re the kind of woman who likes to play it safe but would also like to be fashionable, carry a glittering metallic evening bag in gold or silver. For a more traditional occasion, one can always wear a chiffon sari and pair it with a sequinned blouse. The blouse lends instant character to the otherwise plain sari and will dress up the whole outfit.
Now lets talk about the other trend on the runway – the fringe. There is something about the fringe look that shouts casual luxury! The easiest way to own the fringe look is to flaunt it with accessories. A sling bag with fringe detail is the “in” thing and the easiest way to stay trendy. The brands that I really like are Zara and Rebecca Minkoff.
Another way to stay trendy, is to wear a pair of fringe gold colored earrings with your little black dress, popularly known as the LBD. Depending on the occassion, you could wear the earrings even with a lovely kancheepurarm sari. A mix of the traditional and contemporary will most definitely make people stop, take notice and compliment you. If you’d like to be a tad bit bolder, experiment with fringe detailed shoes. The exquisitely detailed and dramatic fringe detailing on your pair of stilettos is sure to draw all eyes to your feet. Schutz and Chloe are well known luxury brands for their fringed stilettos.Its okay once in a while to splurge on shoes. A word of caution, these stilettos are definitely not for the faint hearted.
My favourite way to flaunt the fringe look, is to wear a leather jacket with fringe trimmings over my favorite pair of blue denims and boots. It keeps me comfortable and stylish at the same time. A popular belief is that in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends one has to sacrifice comfort. I disagree! Its picking what works for you and your body type that makes you truly stylish.

– ShriVyshnavi Annush for the Hindu MetroPlus, December 26th 2014


Shoe love is true love
Shoes! The very word gives me a feeling of unexplainable elation. I’m yet to meet a woman who has enough shoes in her closet. According to me, there are two types of women, one who openly admits and talks about her addiction to buying shoes and more shoes and also revels in this very fact. The other kind of woman is secretly obsessed with shoes but dare not admit it, lest people around her end up judging her as being frivolous. Nevetheless, every woman loves buying and owning shoes. Every single time I walk into a shoe store my heart beats a wee bit faster. The aisles of wedges, sandals, ballet flats, stilettos, pumps, sling backs, loafers, boots, espadrilles and even sneakers transport me instantly to shoe heaven. My earliest memory of associating shoes with being a stylish and elegant accessory is from when I was 8 years old. It was at a Christmas party in the Coimbatore club that Mohini aunty, my mom’s friend was wearing a pair of beautiful glittering stilettos and I remember thinking that she looked so very pretty. Every little girl will secretly try out her mom’s pair of sandals and can’t wait to grow up in order to fit into them.  I was that girl too. I realize that its come full circle when I see both my daughters doing it now. A shoe is the perfect accessory to dress up an outfit. Its almost synonymous with the perfect partner in crime but in this case the crime is to be a diva. Some of the famous iconic shoe brands to own are Loboutins, Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos. They are the most coveted by women all around the world. While Loboutins are recognizable by their red soles, Manolos are known for their ever fashionable pumps, and Jimmy Choos make you think of shiny sandals that every woman dreams of owning. Start your day with a pair of comfortable pumps or a pair of nice looking flat strappy sandals. For an occasion you can always fall back on the ever faithful pair of stilettos that wont let you down. When you’re wearing a sari, pair it with a pair of gold wedges embellished with stone crytsals and hand embroidery to look grand. For this season, its important to own and flaunt a pair of boots. They look best worn with jeans and a shirt. If its going to be your first pair, then buy a black one so that  you can wear it through the day and also at night. Fashion is about being versatile and knowing what makes you look good. Its not only about following trends. Luckily with online shopping, we are spoilt for choice. For shoe shopping, check out www.myntra.com and www.jabong.com. They offer a range of styles to choose from  and their size charts are easy to follow. I’m sure that you will agree with me that whenever you wear heels you feel a little more confident. They make you feel like you can take on the whole world and make it work, don’t you?

– Shrivyshnavi Annush for the MetroPlus, November 2014