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Dazzle and shine with Mirror work Accessories

Nothing attracts as much attention and
has playful appeal like the glint of a mirror work embroidery and
jewelry. This traditional craft has been seen re-invented in various
forms season after season and is a timeless classic that proves to be
in fashion no matter what the changing trends are. The sparkle and
mesmerizing shine of mirrors reflecting the sunlight brightens up any
summer look, be it traditional or western and
instantly adds appeal and glamour to your outfits and accessories.
Even jewelry embedded with cutout mirror patterns has transited from
folk pieces into modern designer styles and can be seen glinting on
the ears, wrists and neckpieces of the fashion elite.

Mirror work has been in vogue for centuries and is popularly known as
“Sheesha” or “Abhala Bharat” embroidery. This is an art form
in which mirrors of various shapes are fixed on to the fabric through
embroidery. In recent times however, mirrors have been replaced by
reflective luminescent metal pieces of different shapes and sizes,
particularly on apparel. Mirror work is used on various fabrics such
as georgette, crepe, cotton, silk, chiffon and many more which are
then turned into attractive apparel and accessories ranging from
sarees, to cushion covers and belts.

Usually having folk origins, this
technique has been popular in clothing and jewelry in hot and dessert
cultures such as Rajasthan and Gujrat in India as well Morroco and
other Arabic regions as well. In fact, mirror-embedding techniques
were also popular in other forms of artistic expression and
decoration such as palace decorations, furniture, artifacts and

Indian designers such as Abu Jani and
Sandeep Khosla, Manish Arora, Anita Dogre as well as countless others
have played around with mirror work techniques to provide us with
stylish and beautifully crafted garments and accessories season after
season. International designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander
McQueen have also used mirrors as style accents repeatedly in their
clothing and accessory collections.

Our accessories
at Pookaari have many pieces that extensively use mirror work ranging
from jewelry to bags and other accessories. Designers Fooljhadi and
Raagini Mittal have used mirror detailing in their earrings to create
a dazzling and understated bling look.  Clutch bags by Prachi Gwalini
are also embellished with mirror work details. Aiyana has designed an
entire collection of Potli bags with intricate mirror embroidery to
compliment all your Indian outfits and look pretty at any occasion.
Most unique are Pookaari’s own collection of I pad sleeves and
laptop bags which are embellished with intricate and colorful Kutch
embroidery and mirror work detailing. A far cry from your run of the
mill electronic cases, these covers are a great way to express
personal taste and individuality and stand out in a crowd. So be
bedazzled, and buy mirrored accessories this summer to a add shine
and sparkle to your look.

‘Every rose seems to have a thorn’ go the lyrics of the well know song, and the same seems to hold true for current jewelry trends as well. Inspired by the Punk and Grundge fashion movements, spikes have embedded themselves deep into the jewelry styles of today. Quite simply put, a spike element is a pointy detail added to an accessory to give it a dramatic and on-trend feel. These elements can add a hint of toughness to your accessories and also look poetic at the same time

The edginess added to jewelry by adding studs and spikes is derived historically from the middle ages. Roman and Celtic soldiers often wore uniforms and amours decorated by spikes to add a protective element to their military clothing. Leather strips adorned with spikes were also worn around wrists and waists in a manner that is also known to be fashionable today.

Going on the 1970s, spikes saw a resurgence in Punk and rock cultures and began to be used as decorative elements. Associated with crazy haircuts and rebellious behavior, the use of spikes came to represent a sub culture based on anarchy and the breaking of stereotypes. Rock and punk music fans would also wear a lot of spikes in their clothing and jewelry to denote association with the kind of look they associated their music to. By the 1980s this look had reached its peak and began to make an appearance in pop culture as well as worn by singers such a Madonna and Paula Abdul. From the 1990s to now, spikes have completely lost their rebellious edge and have now been incorporated into mainstream fashion as a form of detailing and on trend fashion statement used by designer labels.

From precious jewelry to designers, a costume and high street label, everyone one is incorporating spikes into their accessory collections. Paired with tassels, another popular trend for spring summer 2016, spikes are literally popping up everywhere you turn. French precious jewelry designer Aurelie Bidermann worked little spike points denoting thorns into an 18k gold ring for her rose bud collection. Famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin has used spikes all over his shoes, bags and accessory collections. Studs and spikes as a grunge look has been updated by fashion labels such as Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Rodarte and Jeremy Scott.

At Pookaari we have a wide range of designer necklaces and earrings which incorporate spike detailing. Shop necklaces at BBling, Spike chandelier earrings by Ragini Mittal and Studs by Jewelry Box. Designer Felix Bendish also provides us with punk necklaces with interesting spike details to update our accessory style and incorporate spikes into our collection this season.

Bib Necklaces

A perfect way to accessorize any summer outfit is by adding a bib necklace. Named a bib due to its resemblance of the clothing item, this necklace is usually a U shaped piece of jewelry worn in proximity to the neck. It can take your outfit from ordinary to outstanding, in a second .It is a sure fire way to add glamour and interesting style elements to your fashion choices. Every simple look can turn into awesome, just by adding a cute bib necklace.

The best to update your wardrobe this summer and look gorgeous, is buying one (or more) bib necklaces for your jewelry collection. You are likely to find lots of cute, cheap necklaces in lots of stores and in almost every color (and also in metallic colors). A bib necklace can be a little intimidating especially if it’s too big. But don’t let that stop you. Start by wearing a bib necklace with a white or black loose t-shirt (or other plain top) and some jeans. Avoid wearing them with bold patterns and let it be the focus of the outfit. Don’t team it with big earrings or excessive rings and bracelets as it can create an overbearing and over the top look. Let it fall over the fabric you are wearing or also on bare skin for a more casual bib necklaces can be made of cotton, fabric, beads and stones. Gold and silver metallic pieces accentuated with gems and crystals make for a more chic and formal look, which can work perfectly with your evening wear. They can even be added as interesting elements of embellishment to dress up an other wise plain traditional Indian outfit.

For SS2016 most designers have showcased cascading, gem drenched pieces dripping g with jewels and embellishments. Oscar de La Renta , Lanvin and Viktroria Haymen amongst many others have multiple bib necklaces in their collections. High street options are also available by the dozen, and many interesting pieces can be curated of street vendors and craftsmen as well. Given bellow are six different options to team your bib necklace with.

1. With a neutral top or dress to let the necklace be the center of attention.

2. With a contrast colored outfit to create a bright summer look that pops.

3. Over stripes for a nautical feel.

4. With a printed top or dress for a more busy and vintage style.

5. With a buttoned up and collared shirt to create an interesting, peep

6. Over bare skin for a sexy and more glamorous look.

At Pookari, designers provide you with multiple options of bib necklaces in a range of materials. Desi Panache provides a variety of options with chains, stones and funky neon colors. Malleka had glamorous metallic pieces perfectly suited for an evening look while Closet Queen delights with its stone studded jewels. Choose one or many of these styles to update your summer wardrobe and look on trend and glamorous this season, no matter what you are wearing!

Flowering with fashion: Flora and Fauna inspired jewelry

Floral, fruity and animal motifs have always made their way onto garment pieces, but now fashion has gone one step further and find them gracefully decorating a woman’s neck or wrist or even ears. Being ultra feminine, this art deco inspired look is easy to wear and adds a different element of style and delicate grace to our run of the mill jewelry pieces. This fresh look is perfect for spring summer as well, and flower and leaf motifs are popping up all over from precious jewelry to street style fashion.

Floral inspired jewelry is a major accessories trend for spring summer 2016.On the international fashion scene, designer Anna Sui is head over heels in love with flowers this year. Showcasing her collection, she has incorporated them into garment pieces covered with floral patterns or appliques, an array of floral accessories styling the models’ hair, realistic floral festoons stretching across the whole bodies of the models. Also mind-blowing are her charming chokers with one single statement flower attached to them or bangles with one single flower anchored on them. At Dolce and Gabbana earrings come to imitate a bunch of flowers, while a couple of them bring into play realistic oranges and lemons as well. At Calvin Klein the flower on a bracelet is no way fragile but is standing quite solidly with its golden petals, while Carolina Herrera presents arch like earrings with floral details.

Historically, man has always been prone to be inspired by nature, which he saw all around him, and this is a trend that was constant through the ages. In Europe, Naturalistic jewelry, decorated with clearly recognizable flowers and fruit, became hugely popular during the 19 th century. Large spray of assorted flowers would often be worn as earrings, necklaces or body ornaments. Some of the diamond flowers are set on springs, which would increase their sparkle considerably as the wearer moved By the 1850s the delicate early designs had given way to more extravagant and complex compositions of flowers and foliage.

At the same time, flowers were used to express love and friendship. The colors in nature were matched by colored gemstones to create intricate and ultra- feminine pieces of jewelry. In modern times, From Chanel’s camellia to Christian Dior’s lily of the valley, flowers have been a constant source of inspiration to jewelers.

In Indian jewelry, floral motifs have often been a predominant theme and many traditional jewelry pieces are stylized with repetitive patterns inspired by flowers, leaves or other natural elements.

At Pookaari, we have curated an exquisite collection of floral inspired designer jewelry pieces, to add a delicate and on trend touch of style to your collection this summer. Designers Vibha,Mirror White, Preeti Mohan and Divya Chugh provide floral motif jewelry options for a more formal and evening look. Desi Panache and Fooljhari have more fun and casual style jewelry. For hair accessories with floral influences, shop from our collection of hair drama products.