Stack together your style quotient: how to wear the Stacked bracelet look

Layering is not just about clothing in current fashion trends, it extends to accessories and jewelry as well. From this current layering look comes the stacked bracelet trend. Gone are the days that you wore one big or chunky it bracelets or arm cuff as a fashion focal point to accentuate your wrists. The look of the moment consists of literally stacking together various bracelets of different colors, shapes, and forms to create and interesting and vibrant look with movement and finesse.

Celebs these days are the first in flaunting this fabulous trend. From the international celebrity, set you have style divas such as Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sofia Vergara all wearing this trend.

Bollywood trendsetters are also embracing this look with stylish and easy flair. Deepika Padukone is a big fan of this trend and has been spotted wearing different bracelets together in a stylish stack at many occasions.

We give you a breakdown of how to wear this trend without resulting in any tricky contracts or clashing looks. Stacking bracelets is popular not just in street style fashion, but also on the runway—proving that when it comes to wearing these accessories, “more is more”. The trend involves wearing different kinds of bracelets at once, including bangles, beads, cuffs, leather and fringed wraps, and vintage charm bracelets. You can even add watches, pearls, and embellished friendship bracelets to the combo. Assembling the perfect bracelet stack is far from easy.  You need to combine different metals, shapes, textures, and colors to come up with a perfect mix. The best way to go about is to follow these rules of thumb.

1.      Choose a centerpiece or focal point.

2.      Mix different metal, colors, and textures that go together by creating one or two contracts only in the look.

3.      Play with textures in the same metal or combine fabric, metal, and leather.

4.      Layer carefully mixing thick and thin.

Choose from our varied range of bracelets from Pookaari’s collection and layer together different styles by designers Desi Panache, Karmic Kabira and Rara Avis amongst others to create your own perfect bracelet stack and rock this popular trend this season.

Princess amongst fashion, the Tiara trend

This summer 2016’s ‘it’ hair accessory is one that makes you feel like fashion royalty as you embellish your favorite outfit. We are talking about none other then the oh! So royal tiara, one of the most controversial and popular trends to emerge for hair accessories this season.

In the past, these decorative diadems were reserved for prom queens, beauty pageants, costume parties and royalty. One could be spotted on the head of a bride to be at a hen party; else this accessory was reserved for princesses and royalty, a beautiful embellishment of an erstwhile era. Not anymore it seems, come 2016 and Yves Saint Laurent designer HediSlimane has put this royal accessory to the forefront, proclaiming the Tiara to be worn with absolutely everything this season. The designer showcased the look with a Rock Chic and grunge vibe, reminiscent of Divas like Courtney Love and paired with all kinds of outfits. Tommy Hilfiger also showcased a more traditional and sedate version of the accessory as a traditional girly chic contrast to any existing outfit.

We give you the right way to wear this trend on a daily basis without looking like you are playing dress up. Think of the tiara as less of a pompous crown and more of an update to the headband. While it’s true that it has its limitations – it’s definitely not for everyone – it does have the potential to look really stylish. You just have to follow some very specific rules. The key is to wear it in a subtle and understated fashion and pair it with a clashing look like grunge clothing, jeans, biker jackets or boyfriend shirts. The look needs to contrast the glamour and glitz of the tiara. Wear it with messy and casual styled hair to further accentuate this effect. Don’t pair it with sleek and polished hair, makeup and clothing unless you want to look like wannabe royalty. Wear it to a dinner party or evening event and not for a casual lunch or grocery shopping (unless you are Lady Gaga)

Also, opt for small sections and delicate pieces or headbands with ornate features rather than tall over the top fixtures, which could end up having a costume effect. Put your hair in a half up-do and clip the accessory in place to emulate.

At Pookaari, we have curated a collection or royal and Tiara inspired hair accessories to help you sport this trend. Shop golden headpieces, diamanté, and bling accessories and bejeweled headbands from our Hair Drama and Co., 

collection to wear this current
must have and edgy trend and keep your style game on point.

Bollywood Divas rock the Shoulder Duster earring look

On of the biggest trends this Summer 2016 was the shoulder duster earring look. Quite literally, this refers to elongated earrings that brush or go lower than the shoulders. These earrings also work perfectly to compliment the bare shoulders that as so hot in clothes right now. Been seen in various shapes and sizes, international designer, high street labels, and Indian designers have all jumped on the shoulder duster earring bandwagon. Our Bollywood style divas have also taken to this trend in a huge way and have been seen sporting shoulder duster earrings. We put together a list of their best looks sporting this trend.

1.     Deepika Padukone


Deepika looks sensational in these gold tasseled shoulder duster earrings that are on trend and also accentuate her long neck.

2.     Sonam Kapoor


Always the queen of style, Sonam keeps her look edgy and glamorous with black beaded and super long shoulder duster earrings.

3.     Alia Bhatt


Cute and trendy Alia makes her look stand out with these modern and circular shoulder dusters, which suit the shape of her face and make a huge fashion statement.

4.     Sonakshi Sinha


Sonakshi compliments her pretty eyes with these turquoise and gold shoulder duster earrings. Her swept back hair also draws attention to her cheekbones and makes sure her stylish jewelry makes a statement.

5.     Kareena Kapoor Khan


Bollywood’s queen of elegance and class keeps her look classy with this intricately embellished diamond earrings, all while sporting the shoulder duster trend.

6.      Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra adds her very special and spunky brand of rock chic glam to this look with this punk inspired shoulder duster ear cuff. We bow down to u Priyanaka ,way to tick the boxes on multiple trends in one go! 

If you are lusting after these shoulder duster earrings and don’t know how to find your perfect pair, look no further. We at Pookaari have a fabulous and carefully curated collection of shoulder duster earrings you can pick from to look as glamorous as any of these Bollywood style queens. Take a page out of Deepika and Sonaakshi’s book by wearing our Alluring earrings by Sameer Madan


Sport a kitch look with Fooljhadi 3 tier heart earrings


Or emulate Alia’s geometric beauties with Eesha Zaveri’s shoulder duster pieces look


The perfect angle of fashion: Geometric jewelry influences

In today’s
trends, it’s considered hip to be square. Geometric jewelry is on
the rise and gaining popularity in the form of dainty triangle rings
and rectangle pendants, bold octagonal cuffs and pentagon shaped
earrings. Geometry, formulation and coordination are words not
commonly associated with jewelry. The moment we utter the term
‘bling’ we gear our subconscious thoughts towards a heavyset chain
and cluster of diamonds. However, modern trends are continuously
moving away from traditional stereotypes of floral and nature
inspired motifs.

ancient civilizations have always used geometrical shape and form in
their art, textile and jewelry designs. Taking inspiration from
certain kinds of tribal jewelry and historical cultures such as
Egyptian and Aztec influences, today’s designers are making jewelry
with modern influences and patterns and geometrical shapes. The
shapes of the pyramids of Egypt are in themselves the greatest
inspiration to designers and artists throughout the ages.Nowadays,
modern jewelry designers are taking inspiration from architecture,
molecular structures and geometric shapes and are often asymmetrical
and abstract in their use of shapes and structures.

On the
international fashion scene, designers such as Marni, Proenza
Schouler , Chloe and Prada use bold shapes to create the perfect edge
to their statement pieces . Giving a nod to the elegant lines of Art
Deco, designers are embracing this trend to give their jewelry a
clean, modern and polished look. Precious jewelry designers such as
Mikimoto combine geometric lines with cultured pearls to create one
of a kind works of art that are refreshingly and bold at the same
time. Even high street labels are doing their take on geometrical
jewelry pieces and reasonably priced options can be found in popular
brands to showcase this current trend.

For the Indian
market, geometrically influenced jewelry works brilliantly well with
both western and traditional wears, and can transition seamlessly
from day to evening looks. It can be worn with Indian clothes to
provide a stylish, interesting and modern edge to contrast a
traditional look. Many Indian designers are experimenting with
geometric and asymmetrical jewelry in their current collections.

At Pookaari,
designer Esha Zaveri wows us with her collection of jewelry inspired
by a bold and geometrical aesthetic. From earrings, bracelets to
neckpieces, her collection comprises of perfectly crafted geometric
pieces. Designer Sameer Madan’s collection comprises of bold and
beautiful earrings in triangular shape, which are unique in their
modern and stylish appeal. Pookaari’s in house collection of
jewelry also had many carefully curated pieces of a geometric appeal.

Add these
stunning jewels to your wardrobe and flaunt the Geometrical jewelry
trend in all its linear and angular aesthetic and appeal.

Super small arm candy: The Mini Bag Fashion trend

With less being equal to more in modern times and downsizing being a big and emerging lifestyle trend, we are seeing influences of minimalistic culture trickling into fashion and accessories looks as well. Mini—and even micro—bags are this season’s must-have accessory. Despite the fact that they require redefining what counts as everyday essentials, these bags have become quite popular with the style set. The result is not only a weight off your shoulders (literally) but also a fresh and fun way to make a major statement with just one tiny piece. Another added bonus is that they’re a great way to get your hands on a designer bag at a palatable price point.

This new trend in fashion is oh so cute and definitely adds a fresh take and much-needed relief from the over-sized designer bags that have been weighing down our arms and shoulders over the past couple of years. Flash back to a couple of years ago, and you’ll probably remember that everybody’s designer handbag was bigger than the next. Phillip Lim’s oversized Pashli, YSL’s hefty Cabas, Céline called its infamous style a luggage tote, for crying out loud. Now, it seems the style set has quite literally gone to the other extreme, swapping enormously oversized bags for minuscule styles that’ll barely hold a tampon, a credit card, and your iPhone.

International designers such as Valintino, Fendi, YSl and Stella MCartney have all come out with mini versions of their popular bags to celebrate this fun and flirty trend. High street designers are also churning out various practical and wearable options in handheld, sling and cross body styles to suit your needs. Theses bags can also fit in your larger tote and transitional seamlessly from a day to a flirty and fun evening cocktail look. With minimum fuss and baggage, the leave you free to be light on your feet and have fun without being endlessly worried about your handbag all night long.

We at Pookaari have curated a trendy collection of mini bags by designer Ruhmet, which are available in a lovely array of bright and opulent colors to match and contrast with all your outfits. Their delicate embellishments add a touch of glamor and class to your look while keeping you one trend with their mini size.

For a more modern and trendy option you can shop for the patent leather and graffiti styled bags by MKBK and  pkmk.

All choked up, Bollywood flaunts the Choker necklace trend

One of the most stylish and glamorous accessories this Summer 2016 is the Choker necklace. Revived from the seventies and nineties, this neck hugging piece of jewelry has gained mass popularity to have achieved an almost cult-like following amongst fashionistas. Celebs both Indian and international have been spotted flaunting chokers at public appearances. From international couture designers to high street bands and Indian jewelry labels, everyone who is with it has done their own version of a choker. This versatile accessory also goes perfectly with this season’s cold shoulder trend, drawing flattering attention to chiseled shoulders and collarbones. 

Always on trend, our Bollywood divas have also embraced chokers and have been spotted wearing them in various different avatars. Given bellow are some examples o how our stylish starlets have rocked this look.

1. SonamKapoor

Sonam flaunts this stylish and Indian inspired gold and pearl choker for a modern and evolved traditional look.

2.Alia Bhatt

Cute as a button and super talented Alia shows us her style edge by flaunting this minimalistic metal choker, which is totally on trend.

3.Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline looks oh so glam in this double-layered choker that is a great way to wear this trend while adding an interesting twist.

4.Neha Dupia

Neha is seen her looking elegant, fierce and fashionable while wearing a thick black choker necklace with a lion and stone detailing.

5.Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha is seen here sporting this season’s off shoulder trend with a thin black choker and looking fresh, sweet and vibrant.

6.Priyanka Chopra

The style diva also rocks the solid black choker look, pairing hers with an emerald green off shoulder top and pulled back hair for an effortlessly chic look.

7.Deepika Padukone

Smoking hot Deepika matches her thin black choker to her outfit. The necklace compliments her long neck perfectly.

At Pookaari, you too can shop this fun and stylish trend by choosing from a variety of choker necklaces by designers Bbling ,Rara Avis , and Desi Panache along with many more.

So, take a page out of the stylebook of Bollywood’s trendiest divas and rock the choker necklace this summer to stay stylish and look hot.

Top beach accessory trends for Summer 2016

Summer is in full swing and everybody
is busy planning vacations and heading to places with sun, sand and
surf. Weather just lounging by your resort pool or sunning yourself
on a pristine white beach, any style diva is sure to keep her
accessories game strong this summer. We decided to put together a
list of ten on trend pool side and beach accessories for you to
flaunt and carry, updating your look and glamour quotient and keeping
you oh so stylish at every moment.


Mini bags: Glamorous,
petite and super convenient, mini bags are the perfect accessory for
you to carry to the beach. Along with looking chic, they are a great
way to flaunt your individual style while keeping your essentials
close, minus the hassle of lugging around your huge carry all.
The Ruhmet blue
baroque sling bag curated by Pookaari is the perfect mini bag for the

2) Statement
: These are a great way to dress up a sexy cover up
kaftan or swimwear, and draw great attention to bare shoulders and
necklines. They also work perfectly for evening poolside parties. Add
on our cruise choker by Rara Avis or Dakini necklace by Malleka to
add instant glam to your poolside look.

3) The hat: Go for a floral
baseball cap, or choose to be more glamorous with a straw stylized
number to keep the sun away and look chic and stylish at the same
time. This is a perfect example of marrying practical accessories to
style and creating a glamorous fashion look. For those who like to
make a statement, get a chic visor to stand out and be perfectly on

4) I phone and I
pad cases
: Can’t bear to be separated from your phone? Get
tribal and colorful cases for your technology, which will keep them
protected from the splashes of water and sand while adding to your
beach side look as well. Waterproof cases are a big plus in this
department. Our colorful Alpana I Pad sleeves curated by Pookaari are
the perfect way to cover your I pad in a way that adds tribal glam

5) The scarf:
Wrap around your head to keep your hair looking glam, or use as a
cover up to add a sassy and glamorous edge to your beach or poolside
outfit. Choose one with tassels to be completely on trend. Drape one
of Pookaari’s printed scarves by Masaya or fun tasseled number by
Bon Vivant and update your look.

6) The tote: If
you are headed to the pool or beach, a roomy carry all is your best
choice to stash your sunscreen, book and other essentials. Choose a
chic and colorful number to match your swimwear and compliment your
look perfectly. Opt for Studio Kassa’s stylish ombre totes as the
perfect bag to carry all your essentials.

7) Sunglasses:
Pick a pair that shields your eyes from the hot summer sun. Go for
this season’s mirrored and industrial glam pieces and add an edge
to your beach look. Buy fun and colorful shades by Upbeatz at
Pookaari to add the perfect eye candy to your look.

8) Body harness
: This brings out an element of style in your swim wear
and looks great against bare and tanned skin, creating a look that’s
instantly appealing. Wear Closet Queen’s hand harness to poolside
or beach and instantly look like a glamorous goddess

Six fabulous sunglasses worn by Sonam Kapoor

Nobody knows how to
put together a look quite as well as our Bollywood style diva Sonam
Kapoor. From casual chic to super glam eveningwear; she knows how to
compliment her clothes with the perfect accessories. Her sunglasses
game is also strong, so we decided to take a look at some of her eye
candy to take inspiration from this summer.


In this round retro chic pair
by Persol.
These round sunglasses are super glamorous in a John
Lennon kind of way, making Sonam look retro cool.

2) Acne studios
spaced oversized spitfire pair
. Spaced and oversized aviators are
the perfect way for Sonam to up her style quotient in this stylish
red Ferragamo outfit. Get the same look with our Blue candy or Lush
sunglasses by Upbeatz


Oversized black cat eyed shades
to create a glamorous vibe
. Cat eyes are always classy and
glamorous, especially this oversized pair worn by Sonam bellow.

4) Bright red Ray
ban frames for a fun and flirty summer look
. Color always adds a
young and fun look to a summer outfit, as Sonam shows us by sporting
these bright red Wayfarer sunglasses.  Snag her style by getting our
Lollypop sunglasses by Upbeats at Pookaari


Fabulous Ulyana Sergeenko
sunglasses for a fresh and vibrant summer look.
Trendy, edgy and
industrial looking, Sonam’s sunglasses are perfectly on trend with
this summer 2016 look. Talk about eye candy!

6) Cat eyed Prada
shades for a retro chic look.
Tortise shell frames add a
seventies appeal to Sonam’s outfit, making her look old school and
glamerous. To create the same effect, shop Honey sunglasses by
Upbeatz at Pookaari and emulate the style diva herself

Eight Bollywood Divas spotted carrying the backpack trend

Carrying a backpack is no longer
limited to being the choice of high school teens and cross- country
hitchhikers. Emerging as a hip new trend in 2016, the international
celebrity set has been spotted carrying backpacks while out and
about. And no, its not just when they are channeling their hippie
chic look for Coachella. Our Bollywood fashionistas have also taken
to carrying backpacks and most of them do it with flair, carrying the
hippest shoulder candy available. Given bellow are a few of the divas
we spotted carrying backpacks.

1. Alia Bhatt

Cute as a button and the queen of
casual glam, Alia is spotted on two different occasions carrying a
backpack. Her black Alexander Wang bag is oh so sleek! The baby blue one is super trendy and
goes perfectly with her young and girly image.

2.Jacqueline Fernandez

Seen here promoting her movie,
Jacqueline teams her rock glam studded MCM backpack with a baseball
cap, sporty tee, ripped jeans and heels creating a fun and sporty

3.Aditi Rao Hydari

Seen here at the Katti Bhatti premiere,
Aditi looks super stylish carrying a quilted black backpack teamed
with a white high neck skater dress and super stylish gladiator

4.Priyanka Chopra

Seen here at the airport Priyanka looks
comfortable and stylish carrying a Valintino Rockstar chic backpack
with a distressed denim top, slouchy pants and Givenchy shoes.

5. Kajol

Kajol looks cool and summery in this
paisley print maxi dres worn with a yellow cover up and brown
backpack. Her retro shades add oomph to her outfit.

6. Anushka Sharma

Also spotted at the airport is Anushka
carrying the Prism backpack from the Alexander Wang collection. A
fabulously stylish and chic bag, it looks great with her Celine shoes
and casual outfit.

7. Katrina Kaif

Katrina adds a touch of femininity to
an otherwise sporty accessory. She is spotted here carrying a
flowered Cristopher Kane backpack teamed with ankle high boots and a
casual t-shirt and jeans.

8 Huma Qureshi

The Omphy starlet adds a sporty touch
to her look with this zippered backpack and round sunglasses.

Ten times Priyanka Chopra wore the right earrings

When it comes to putting together the
right look, no one does it quite as well as Priyanka Chopra. Of late
she has also impressed us by making the right makeup and accessory
choices to complete her outfit. Given bellow are ten examples of when
Priyanka picked the absolutely perfect earrings to complete her

1.At the Oscars


Priyanaka looked like a vision while
presenting at the 2016 Academy award ceremony in a white Zuhair Murad
strapless gown teamed up with 50-carat front back emerald cut diamond
earrings by Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

2.While promoting her movie Gunday


Priyanka is bang on trend wearing a
vintage tasseled ear cuff with dangling crosses, completing her
punk-chic look.

3.At the Screen Actors Guild awards


Priyanka teamed her pink lace Monique
Lhuillier dress with linier dangling earrings .Her Kimberly Mcdonalad
jewels accentuated her face structure and were perfectly complimented
by her pulled back hair.

4.Mary Kom premiere


At the premiere of her movie Mary Kom,
the actress teamed her Gauri and Nainika cut out gown with crystal
chandelier earrings, swept back hair and red lipstick for a classy,
monochrome look.

5. While promoting Krishh 3


Priyanka shows us how to rock statement
earrings wearing this eye grabbing pair by jewelry designer Outhouse
while promoting Krishh 3.

6.Rocking the mismatched earring trend


At a recent
awards event Priyanka’s favoured ear cuff made an appearance again,
this time worn with a skull stud in the other ear. She totally owned
the on trend mismatched earring look of 2016.

7. At another movie promotion


Once again while promoting her movie
Gunday, Priyanka looked minimalistic and effortlessly chic in black
and white striped geometric earrings. She teamed the pair with a
black spiked wrist cuff.

8. During a Filmfare press meet


Priyanka perfects nerdy glam, combining
her statement earrings with cat eye spectacles and pulled back hair.

9.On Coffee with Karan


Wearing earrings by jewelry designer
Mawi, Priyanka once again looks on point and wears the right
accessories to compliment her dress.

10. At a USAID event for her


Priyanka looks chic and sophisticated
wearing stunning pearl drop earrings while promoting her documentary
film ‘Girl Rising’.