Making a splash: updating your look with the perfect Monsoon accessories

We love heralding the arrival of a new season, and what better way to do it then with an all out shopping splurge. This monsoon season is no exception. From updating our bags to adding a pair of waterproof flats to our wardrobe, any true fashionista is well prepared for a rainy day (or in this case rainy two months!)

But a change of season doesn’t necessarily mean a huge investment; especially in terms of changing your entire clothing wardrobe or buying expensive dresses. Updating the right accessories can refresh your look and add a new and stylish edge to your appearance without making a hole in your pocket. From bright bucket bags in water resistant material to colorful jewelry and cheerful waterproof flats, we have put together a list of the perfect accessories to update your look this monsoon.

1. Bags:

Ditch your regular leather carryalls and opt for lined canvas, patent leather or plastic totes this season. These do not spoil easily when wet and also protect the stuff within and are easy to dry and clean. Pick styles with a splash of color to add some fun to a rainy day. Shop from our collection at Pookaari by Studio Kassa 

or opt for Kavanah’s wooden clutches for a
stylish and water resistant evening look.

2. Scarves:

Add a splash of color and save your hair do from a sudden sprinkle with a stylish and fashionable scarf. Twist around your neck or tie it to your handbag for the perfect accessory to freshen up your look this rainy season. We at Pookaari have the perfect fun, colorful and stylish options for you by designers Masaya, Boho Rhapsody and Bon Vivant.

3. Sunglasses:

Even with the sun hidden behind the clouds, add some fresh spunk to your look with light lenses and waterproof frames to add a splash of color. Shop our Upbeatz collection in styles such as Purple Haze, Sunset and Sugar Candy.

4. Jewelry:

Play up your fun and ethnic side by adding romantic earrings and necklaces in oxidized silver to your look. These jewels will not spoil in the damp weather and will bring a feel of glamour and style to even the simplest outfit. Pick from Pookaari’s Monsoon edit collection of enamel jewelry by Esha Zaveri. 

Add some fun with Cinderella’s Peacock necklace set 

or opt for traditional silver earrings by BCOS It’s Silver.

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