A raw appeal: Natural stone jewelry

In a world where everything is becoming more and more
standardized with cookie cutter accessories and synthetic stones in jewelry,
there is a certain primal, earthy and artsy appeal in raw and uncut natural
stones. In raw stone jewelry, the incredible natural qualities of gems speak
for themselves. The message and look that they create is dually ancient in
style and incredibly modern at the same time.Semi precious gem stones and
naturally found crystals and mineral rocks are the most popular kind of
materials used in raw stone jewelry, and is usually set in silver or plated

The one of a kind nature of these stones are a perfect way
for any fashionista to express her individuality and stand out in a crowd.
These stones are stylized in a way that they are found in nature and have a
variety of beautiful and appealing properties in terms of crystal formations,
natural shapes and structures and color gradations that add a sense of visual
drama and aesthetic to your jewelry and accessories.

Besides the instant
visual beauty and appeal of their appearance, these raw stones are said to
embody holistic powers that bring clarity, wisdom, and wealth, so why wouldn’t
you want them with you at all times? You can, with jewelry embellished with these
uncut gems. Up ahead, take advantage of the rocks healing properties with this
season’s best raw-mineral jewelry. Amongst other properties, pieces that are
adorned with amethyst are said to facilitate patience and balance, agate brings
composure and maturity and pyrite is said to enhance intellect.

Internationally, this is one of the top trends for
the upcoming fall winter 2016-17 seasons. After uncut necklaces and
pendants appeared on the Spring/Summer 2016 runway, crystal mania took hold
with raw stones featuring again on the catwalk for winter. Radically different
stones appeared as earrings at ProenzaSchouler and provided an anchoring detail
to strengthen the impact of clothing at Dries Van Noten and Calvin Klein.

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