Best Anarkali suits ideas for the year

As style and fashion has evolved, designers today have infused more charm and vogue to the rather traditional Anakarli suits that dates right back to the Mughal era with all its court comforts and elegance. From the Mughal era to the1970’s and 80’s Bollywood period of  Rekha, Sridevi and Jayaprada  to the seductively scintillating screen treat of Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma, Anarkali suits have come a long way. Let us take you through some of the best Anarkali suit ideas that will continue to rule the roost in the months to come. 

Designer Cotton Anarkali Suits

Cotton Anarkalis are synonymous with comfort and they are extremely lightweight and perfect for daily wear. They come with a gamut of bright colours, patterns and designs and carry a reasonable price tag. Women with sensitive skin or skin allergic disorders can go for these stylish cotton anarkalis. 

Designer Silk Anarkali Suits 

This outfit is going to make heads turn and hearts stop. Easy to maintain, Designer Silk Anarkali Suits in rich silk can be a favourite for weddings, reception parties and family occasions.  Intricate zardozi, mirror work, embroidery and golden zari can put a unique touch on the Anarkali suit. Team it up with glitzy jewellery to give yourself a traditional look. 

Designer Bridal Anarkali Suits 

The big day has finally come and you are gone on to look stunningly gorgeous by putting on the best of the Anarkali suits with panache of grace and the royal air of a bride. What better way than to don a splendid and elegant floor length Anarkali suit paired with matching dupatta? Line the suit with heavy gold, stone jewellery, embroidery, patchwork, kundan, sequins and zari for that stunningly ‘wow’ effect. Available in a wide range of designs and color combo, Wedding Anarkalis can touch the right chord of design and tradition.

Designer Party Wear Anarkali Suits 

Drape in vogue on any party with a designer party wear Anarkali suit that will make you an instant hit! Made using rich fabrics including brocade, net, chiffon and georgette, they come in a range of enticing colours and available in various price tags to choose from.

Designer Pakistani Anarkali Suits

India’s closest neighbour Pakistan has its own traditional wears as a result of heavy Indo-Islamic influence, and its version of Anarkali suit is no exception. Do you get amazed by the long and flowing Pakistani Anarkali suits having rich flares you see in the Bollywood movie scenes? Get those beautifully cut, long-length Anarkali Suits with the well-fitted bodice, regal necklines and the capacious ghaghra style flare offering you a sleeker and much improved silhouette to the wearer. These long and flared anarkalis can craft your body to appear taller, straighter and more aligned.

The traditional-style anarkalis lend a glimpse of the rich Indo-Pakistani tradition with a blend of unique class and fad. Style it with a matching clutch and there you are — good to go!

How to Wear the Tricolour in Style?

The Indian Independence Day is almost here and each year, and everybody
is set to celebrate the day with grandeur, pomp, show and magnificence. This
year will mark the 70th year of independent India and the
celebrations —
just feel that much more special! Are you looking to make an iconic fashion
statement adorning the tricolour on your outfit on this special day? Look no
further. Check out some of our ideas to go trendy the ‘desi’ way.

Tri-colour Saree – the zing thing!

Let us start with our
traditional saree. Pick any hand-woven saree in cotton, silk or khadi. All you
need to jazz up your saree is to take two dupattas in orange and green, fold
them up length-wise.  Now pin these on
your saree pallu and that would simply leave a thin white strip in between. Add
an extra zing to your appearance with a blue pendant neck-piece. What you can
also do is take a long chain and simply string a blue bangle all through to
give an ‘Ashoka Chakra’ look. Pair this up with your colourful pallu and become
the cynosure of attraction all along the day. Also, check out designer sarees
if you prefer fusion wear. 

Jazz up with the Drape

Pairing a
multi-colour bordered white saree with a saffron or green coloured blouse
definitely adds the oomph factor to celebrate Independence day.  If you prefer neon green, you gotta sport a
neon green saree with contrast saffron colored blouse and team it up with
tri-colour accessories.

of Tri-Colour in Kurtis

This Independence day, you can shop for tunics in natural luxurious
Indian textiles such as khadi silk, silk, tussar silk, chanderi or cotton
silk.  Picking summerish shades such as
sky blue, yellow, orange and red may look outlandish for the occasion.  So, go ahead, and simply drape a tri-colored dupatta
or stole along with your tunic for others to envy your look.

Speck of Tradition in
Indo-Western Fusion Wear

Want to flaunt off in style with a blend of tradition and design? Why
not opt for a Ghagra-style skirt with a longish blouse or a dhoti pants and a
Kurta to stay stylish this Independence day?

Accessorize to exhibit a
show of Indian spirit

If you don’t want to
wear tri-colored clothes, that’s fine too. Pick accessories like bangles in the
colors of the Indian flag to add style to your kurta and to keep up with the
patriotic fervour. Or another option would be to choose a pair of traditional
earrings in the same color theme to go with your saree.

Bring on the new: Fall winter 2016-2017 accessories trend list

As summer draws to an end, we prep our bodies and our wardrobes for the upcoming fall season (juice detox here we come!) and look forwards to welcoming the new. Whether it’s the reinvention or tweaking of old fashion favorites, or just spanking brand new style inspirations, every style diva waits with bated breath to find out what the upcoming season has to offer.

Cleverly enough updating your accessory trends is a super smart and affordable way to look trendy and in fashion, without having to overhaul your entire wardrobe and spend a bomb in the process.

So listen up girls, and get ready to take notes, as we list out what’s in store for accessories this fall winter 2016-2017. According to Vogue magazine, with fashion in the full flush of a new, maximalist mood, bags, shoes, and jewels have taken center stage. On the Fall runways, the heels were haute, the bijoux was stacked and layered to high heaven, and the bags were furrier or came with accessories of their own. The forecast: Get ready for your most sumptuous season yet.

1Hiking boots

These practical and easy to wear shoes have acquired a fashionable edge and are now being hailed as the next big thing on the fashion scene this fall. From flat pairs to high heels, these boots are in vogue and a great addition to your wardrobe. International designers such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Jimmy Choo and Rag and Bone have all showcased collections featuring these practical and oh so stylish hiking boots. Paired with jeans, shorts or even dresses, they can add a trendy edge to any outfit, guaranteed to make heads turn.

2Fur Bags: 

Also fashionably called the Furse, these bundles of fur are a great way to update your style quotient and cozy up to your arm candy this season. Fur bags are all the rage, and adding a bit of luxe’ glamour to evening clutches, totes and carryalls. Designers Tod’s,MichealKorrs , Ferragamo and Loewe. Paired with the furry shoe trend, this can be a great way to make a super cool fashion statement.

3. Grandma Purses: 

Guaranteed to create a stir and attract with a completely vintage feel, coin purses and tiny old-world bags make their mark on the fashion scene this fall with updated and on trend detailing. Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli and Etro have all done their own version of the grandma purse, from crochet pouches, beaded embellished pieces to modern patent leather takes on old shapes.

4. Platform Heels: 

Nineties platforms are back, this time in a super high and stylish avatar. Boots, sandals and even Mary Janes with high platform heels create a stir in the collections of designers Rochas,Balenciaga, Gucci and Roberto Cavalli. A Varied amount of hues, styles and materials are styled into sky high platforms, a great way to add a mod edge to any existing out fit and get hip this season.

5. Hair accessories and brooches: 

Pins, trinkets and all kinds of accessories, the trend for hair embellishment continues to make its presence felt this fall, taking a more bejeweled and embellished direction. Designer houses Alexander Mcqueen, BottegaVeneta ,Cristopher Kane ,Dolce and Gabbana and Rhodarte all had a wide variety of trinkets pinned onto their models, from waists , to lapels to head pieces.

6. High heels and Pumps: 

After a season of fashion that paired sneakers with everything from jeans to an evening dress, high heels are back in a big way. Balenciaga, Balmain and Lanvin amongst other designers showcased their models cruising down the runway in stylish and sophisticated pumps.


Encrusted, bedazzled and more lavish then ever, this fall’s accessories are all about going over the top and opulent. From pouches to headbands to pumps, this season’s accessories don’t come with much room to spare. Balenciaga,Gucci,MiuMiu and Marni have all flaunted accessories just dripping full of pearl, crystal and metal embellishments and detailing.

8. Cross Body Bags: 

Fall’s most convenient accessory is super fun and high on fashion quotient. Cross body bags are the top trend this season, from casual day looks to eveningwear. They have also become more stylish and full of design details in their new and updated version. Prada,Chloe,Valentino, Givenchy and Gucci are all flaunting fun and fashionable cross body bags to keep you smart, stylish and hands free.

9. Velvet Accessories:

This high fashion fabric has evolved from clothes to accessories this season, with velvet shoes, bags, belts, headpieces and even jewelry making waves in the fashion world. Valentino, Stella Mcartney ,Erdem , Chanel and Prada have all shown collections with a libral splash of velvet accessories.

10. Mismatched jewelry: 

Combine the old in your jewelry box with new, mismatch your earrings or just wear a clash of different styles, the choice is yours. Mismatching your jewelry is a fun way to flaunt fashion this season, with designers such as BottegaVeneta , Oscar De La Renta , Coach and Roberto Cavalli all showing off this look . It doesn’t necessarily cost a bomb either. One or two new pieces worn artfully with your existing collection can do the job and keep you effortlessly on trend.


Making a splash: updating your look with the perfect Monsoon accessories

We love heralding the arrival of a new season, and what better way to do it then with an all out shopping splurge. This monsoon season is no exception. From updating our bags to adding a pair of waterproof flats to our wardrobe, any true fashionista is well prepared for a rainy day (or in this case rainy two months!)

But a change of season doesn’t necessarily mean a huge investment; especially in terms of changing your entire clothing wardrobe or buying expensive dresses. Updating the right accessories can refresh your look and add a new and stylish edge to your appearance without making a hole in your pocket. From bright bucket bags in water resistant material to colorful jewelry and cheerful waterproof flats, we have put together a list of the perfect accessories to update your look this monsoon.

1. Bags:

Ditch your regular leather carryalls and opt for lined canvas, patent leather or plastic totes this season. These do not spoil easily when wet and also protect the stuff within and are easy to dry and clean. Pick styles with a splash of color to add some fun to a rainy day. Shop from our collection at Pookaari by Studio Kassa 

or opt for Kavanah’s wooden clutches for a
stylish and water resistant evening look.

2. Scarves:

Add a splash of color and save your hair do from a sudden sprinkle with a stylish and fashionable scarf. Twist around your neck or tie it to your handbag for the perfect accessory to freshen up your look this rainy season. We at Pookaari have the perfect fun, colorful and stylish options for you by designers Masaya, Boho Rhapsody and Bon Vivant.

3. Sunglasses:

Even with the sun hidden behind the clouds, add some fresh spunk to your look with light lenses and waterproof frames to add a splash of color. Shop our Upbeatz collection in styles such as Purple Haze, Sunset and Sugar Candy.

4. Jewelry:

Play up your fun and ethnic side by adding romantic earrings and necklaces in oxidized silver to your look. These jewels will not spoil in the damp weather and will bring a feel of glamour and style to even the simplest outfit. Pick from Pookaari’s Monsoon edit collection of enamel jewelry by Esha Zaveri. 

Add some fun with Cinderella’s Peacock necklace set 

or opt for traditional silver earrings by BCOS It’s Silver.

A raw appeal: Natural stone jewelry

In a world where everything is becoming more and more
standardized with cookie cutter accessories and synthetic stones in jewelry,
there is a certain primal, earthy and artsy appeal in raw and uncut natural
stones. In raw stone jewelry, the incredible natural qualities of gems speak
for themselves. The message and look that they create is dually ancient in
style and incredibly modern at the same time.Semi precious gem stones and
naturally found crystals and mineral rocks are the most popular kind of
materials used in raw stone jewelry, and is usually set in silver or plated

The one of a kind nature of these stones are a perfect way
for any fashionista to express her individuality and stand out in a crowd.
These stones are stylized in a way that they are found in nature and have a
variety of beautiful and appealing properties in terms of crystal formations,
natural shapes and structures and color gradations that add a sense of visual
drama and aesthetic to your jewelry and accessories.

Besides the instant
visual beauty and appeal of their appearance, these raw stones are said to
embody holistic powers that bring clarity, wisdom, and wealth, so why wouldn’t
you want them with you at all times? You can, with jewelry embellished with these
uncut gems. Up ahead, take advantage of the rocks healing properties with this
season’s best raw-mineral jewelry. Amongst other properties, pieces that are
adorned with amethyst are said to facilitate patience and balance, agate brings
composure and maturity and pyrite is said to enhance intellect.

Internationally, this is one of the top trends for
the upcoming fall winter 2016-17 seasons. After uncut necklaces and
pendants appeared on the Spring/Summer 2016 runway, crystal mania took hold
with raw stones featuring again on the catwalk for winter. Radically different
stones appeared as earrings at ProenzaSchouler and provided an anchoring detail
to strengthen the impact of clothing at Dries Van Noten and Calvin Klein.

At Pookaari, we have
a wide range of stylish and eye catching jewelry and accessories that feature
uncut stones. Shop from carefully curated pieces like designers Paisley Pop
duel rings and earrings, Closet queen’s one of a kind statement pieces Rhea
Puri’s stunning bracelets, earrings and necklaces
featuring unique natural stones.

Shine like the moon: Stunning Chand Balis

Your quick fix to making any outfit wedding-worthy dressing is not stepping into a higher pair of heels, neither is it a swipe of red lipstick (although it does help a lot), but the trick to really looking like you made an effort for the festivities lies in jewelry. Furthermore, as the evidence from several selfies will suggest—earrings are what really bring out the spark in your eye. Chandbalis are your go-to saviors with any kind of Indian outfit. Whether you style your hair up or down, pair them with an Anarkali or an elegant silk sari, there is no resisting the charm of these trusty bejeweled earrings.

Traditionally speaking, Chand Bali earrings are beautifully designed half moon earrings, set with diamonds, gemstone, and pearl. With its relevance in contemporary society, these vintage patterns of jewelry are ideal for an ethnic touch to any outfit. 

The Chand Bali earrings’ crescent shape and delicate craftsmanship showcase their modern yet traditional appeal for any festive affair. Recreating the beauty and the elegance of the Mughal era, Chand Bali gemstone earrings are thought to be the perfect addition to any ensemble and for a myriad of occasions. 

With the addition of different gemstones such as white topaz, pearls, emeralds and rubies, the colorful and traditional Chand Bali designs are a treat for the eyes. The green, red and white hued gemstones are fashionable accompaniments to the Chand Bali patterns. 

These pretty jewelry pieces are a favorite with Bollywood fashionistas as well. KareenaKapoor, DeepikaPadukone, SonamKapoor and Priyanka Chopra have all been spotted wearing these beautiful earrings in many different styles, both on and off screen.


Our designer collections at Pookaari consist of many beautiful Chand Bali’s to accentuate your style statement and add glitz to your outfits. These beautiful baubles are also the perfect accent to highlight and elongate your neck and draw attention to your collarbone. Our carefully curated pieces by Golden Window, Just Jewelry, and Silver Star are the perfect accompaniments for your traditional outfits this festive season. 


Romancing the stone with beautiful Kundan Jewelry

With the winter wedding and festive season looming ahead of us, it’s time to fix our fashion radar firmly on traditional Indian jewelry. As every fashionista knows how to do her own style spin on traditional looks and techniques, modern Indian jewelry designers are working with traditional and well-established styles of Indian jewelry to give it their own unique style spin. Out of the many popular techniques known, one of the most popular styles is that of Kundan Jewelry.

Kundan is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewelry involving a gem set with gold foil between the stones and its mount, usually for elaborate necklaces. The method is believed to have originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is one of the older forms of jewelry made and worn in India.The word Kundan means highly refined gold and a highly refined and pure form of molten gold is used.

Kundan flourished under royal patronage during the Mughal era. Over the years, the Kundan jewelry of the courts was successfully copied in silver in Rajasthan, Bihar, and the Punjab and became popular with the common man.It remains an integral part of the traditional bridal wedding trousseau. Traditional settings are also experiencing a revival. Most recently, in films, Jodhaa Akbar, the lead character portrayed by AishwariyaRai was extensively shown wearing Kundan jewelry, highlighting its influence among Rajasthani royalty.

The technique used for making Kundan jewelry consists of using fine and uncut stones are set on 24k gold jewelry using lac and gold foils. The underside of these pieces is then enameled with an intricate meenakari process.

Though this jewelry is mostly found in Jaipur and Hyderabad, due to its immense popularity pieces can be found all over India and the technique has been used and copied by many western design houses as well. Indian influenced designs by international design houses such as Chanel have also seen hints of Kundan influences in their jewelry and clothing designs.

At Pookaari, we have curated a collection of Kundan jewels by designers such as DivyaChugh ,Preeti Mohan , Ruhmet and Karmic Kabira amongst many others. Shop from our collection of stunning pendants, bracelets, earrings and even Kundan inspired bags and accessories to shine, dazzle and look your traditional and glamorous best this season. These pieces can be worn with traditional clothes or even with western dresses to add a glamorous and old world charm to your outfit and help you stand out on any occasion.

Stack together your style quotient: how to wear the Stacked bracelet look

Layering is not just about clothing in current fashion trends, it extends to accessories and jewelry as well. From this current layering look comes the stacked bracelet trend. Gone are the days that you wore one big or chunky it bracelets or arm cuff as a fashion focal point to accentuate your wrists. The look of the moment consists of literally stacking together various bracelets of different colors, shapes, and forms to create and interesting and vibrant look with movement and finesse.

Celebs these days are the first in flaunting this fabulous trend. From the international celebrity, set you have style divas such as Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sofia Vergara all wearing this trend.

Bollywood trendsetters are also embracing this look with stylish and easy flair. Deepika Padukone is a big fan of this trend and has been spotted wearing different bracelets together in a stylish stack at many occasions.

We give you a breakdown of how to wear this trend without resulting in any tricky contracts or clashing looks. Stacking bracelets is popular not just in street style fashion, but also on the runway—proving that when it comes to wearing these accessories, “more is more”. The trend involves wearing different kinds of bracelets at once, including bangles, beads, cuffs, leather and fringed wraps, and vintage charm bracelets. You can even add watches, pearls, and embellished friendship bracelets to the combo. Assembling the perfect bracelet stack is far from easy.  You need to combine different metals, shapes, textures, and colors to come up with a perfect mix. The best way to go about is to follow these rules of thumb.

1.      Choose a centerpiece or focal point.

2.      Mix different metal, colors, and textures that go together by creating one or two contracts only in the look.

3.      Play with textures in the same metal or combine fabric, metal, and leather.

4.      Layer carefully mixing thick and thin.

Choose from our varied range of bracelets from Pookaari’s collection and layer together different styles by designers Desi Panache, Karmic Kabira and Rara Avis amongst others to create your own perfect bracelet stack and rock this popular trend this season.

Princess amongst fashion, the Tiara trend

This summer 2016’s ‘it’ hair accessory is one that makes you feel like fashion royalty as you embellish your favorite outfit. We are talking about none other then the oh! So royal tiara, one of the most controversial and popular trends to emerge for hair accessories this season.

In the past, these decorative diadems were reserved for prom queens, beauty pageants, costume parties and royalty. One could be spotted on the head of a bride to be at a hen party; else this accessory was reserved for princesses and royalty, a beautiful embellishment of an erstwhile era. Not anymore it seems, come 2016 and Yves Saint Laurent designer HediSlimane has put this royal accessory to the forefront, proclaiming the Tiara to be worn with absolutely everything this season. The designer showcased the look with a Rock Chic and grunge vibe, reminiscent of Divas like Courtney Love and paired with all kinds of outfits. Tommy Hilfiger also showcased a more traditional and sedate version of the accessory as a traditional girly chic contrast to any existing outfit.

We give you the right way to wear this trend on a daily basis without looking like you are playing dress up. Think of the tiara as less of a pompous crown and more of an update to the headband. While it’s true that it has its limitations – it’s definitely not for everyone – it does have the potential to look really stylish. You just have to follow some very specific rules. The key is to wear it in a subtle and understated fashion and pair it with a clashing look like grunge clothing, jeans, biker jackets or boyfriend shirts. The look needs to contrast the glamour and glitz of the tiara. Wear it with messy and casual styled hair to further accentuate this effect. Don’t pair it with sleek and polished hair, makeup and clothing unless you want to look like wannabe royalty. Wear it to a dinner party or evening event and not for a casual lunch or grocery shopping (unless you are Lady Gaga)

Also, opt for small sections and delicate pieces or headbands with ornate features rather than tall over the top fixtures, which could end up having a costume effect. Put your hair in a half up-do and clip the accessory in place to emulate.

At Pookaari, we have curated a collection or royal and Tiara inspired hair accessories to help you sport this trend. Shop golden headpieces, diamanté, and bling accessories and bejeweled headbands from our Hair Drama and Co., 

collection to wear this current
must have and edgy trend and keep your style game on point.

Bollywood Divas rock the Shoulder Duster earring look

On of the biggest trends this Summer 2016 was the shoulder duster earring look. Quite literally, this refers to elongated earrings that brush or go lower than the shoulders. These earrings also work perfectly to compliment the bare shoulders that as so hot in clothes right now. Been seen in various shapes and sizes, international designer, high street labels, and Indian designers have all jumped on the shoulder duster earring bandwagon. Our Bollywood style divas have also taken to this trend in a huge way and have been seen sporting shoulder duster earrings. We put together a list of their best looks sporting this trend.

1.     Deepika Padukone


Deepika looks sensational in these gold tasseled shoulder duster earrings that are on trend and also accentuate her long neck.

2.     Sonam Kapoor


Always the queen of style, Sonam keeps her look edgy and glamorous with black beaded and super long shoulder duster earrings.

3.     Alia Bhatt


Cute and trendy Alia makes her look stand out with these modern and circular shoulder dusters, which suit the shape of her face and make a huge fashion statement.

4.     Sonakshi Sinha


Sonakshi compliments her pretty eyes with these turquoise and gold shoulder duster earrings. Her swept back hair also draws attention to her cheekbones and makes sure her stylish jewelry makes a statement.

5.     Kareena Kapoor Khan


Bollywood’s queen of elegance and class keeps her look classy with this intricately embellished diamond earrings, all while sporting the shoulder duster trend.

6.      Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra adds her very special and spunky brand of rock chic glam to this look with this punk inspired shoulder duster ear cuff. We bow down to u Priyanaka ,way to tick the boxes on multiple trends in one go! 

If you are lusting after these shoulder duster earrings and don’t know how to find your perfect pair, look no further. We at Pookaari have a fabulous and carefully curated collection of shoulder duster earrings you can pick from to look as glamorous as any of these Bollywood style queens. Take a page out of Deepika and Sonaakshi’s book by wearing our Alluring earrings by Sameer Madan


Sport a kitch look with Fooljhadi 3 tier heart earrings


Or emulate Alia’s geometric beauties with Eesha Zaveri’s shoulder duster pieces look